10 BookTubers You Should Be Watching, Like Now

10 book tubers you should be watchingYouTube

As someone who’s becoming more and more invested in reading different books these days, I think it’s especially important to read (and listen) to perspectives that don’t always match my own. One of the platforms that have helped me in that endeavor has been BookTube, a community of readers, writers, and content creators with an endless passion for books.

Maybe you’ve already familiarized yourself with BookTube and its BookTubers already, but in the rare case you haven’t, we’ve got you covered!

Here are ten BookTubers we’ve been watching lately, and you should start watching, too!

1. Margot, Epic Reads

margot epic reads youtube paperback paris
YouTube (Epic Reads)

Margot of Epic Reads, a mega channel tailor-made for lovers of YA and teen books, is an affable spirit that we (unfortunately) don’t see as often as we’d like. Still, Margot appears every month to bring watchers all the deets (and the feels!) on the YA’s trendiest titles with book reviews, book hauls and special Tea Time chats. If you get half as excited as Margot does every time a new YA book hits shelves then you’ll probably be best friends before you know it. In which case, we’re jealous.

2. Maxwell, WellDoneBooks

maxwell welldonebooks youtube paperback paris
YouTube (WellDoneBooks)

Maxwell’s channel WellDoneBooks has a little bit of everything, really: book reviews, book discussions, TBR lists, and the obligatory book tag. Though, one of the biggest reasons I admire his channel so much is because he’s a fellow Book of the Month subscriber like myself; and he regularly discusses the subscription service’s selections every month! If you’re really into reading fiction—literary, historical, or otherwise—WellDoneBooks might just be the resting place for you.

3. Regan, PeruseProject

regan peruseproject youtube paperback paris
YouTube (PeruseProject)

PeruseProject, spearheaded by the quirky and personable Regan, is a halcyon haven for anyone who’s partial to reading fantasy and sci-fi, and, as you’ll notice, anything by Brent Weeks. Paired with the fact that she’s incredibly down to earth while maintaining her funny, having one of the prettiest bookshelf displays just makes her all the more enviable! Completely hilarious and devoted to her craft, Regan does an amazing job at giving TBR, wrap up and reviews in an array of genres, leaving no book behind.

4. Hannah, A Clockwork Reader

hannah a clockwork reader youtube paperback paris
YouTube (A Clockwork Reader)

There are two telltale signs that you’ll fall immediately in love with Hannah (a.k.a. A Clockwork Reader): you love to read (okay, that one was a giveaway!), and your favorite book is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (which also happens to be Hannah’s favorite!) But seriously, Hannah is really sweet and charming and sort of a know-it-all when it comes to all things magical realism, fantasy, and historical fiction. So if that’s your thing, Hannah’s your BookTuber!

5. Mercedes, MercysBookishMusings

mercedes mercysbookishmusings youtube paperback paris
YouTube (MercysBookishMusings)

Well-versed in all things books, but namely short stories and fiction—and the owner of the most beautiful ARC collection I’ve seen in awhile—I often hail Mercedes of MercysBookishMusings as one of BookTube’s most-trusted book critics. If you don’t believe me, just listen to her rather scathingly-honest review of Hanya Yanagihara‘s A Little Life, which was hailed as “the book to read” in 2015. Aside from providing candid book reviews and timely wrap-ups, Mercedes also has an excellent podcast called Books & Blankets and her own book postal service subscription, MothBox.

6. Jen, Jen Campbell

jen campbell youtube paperback paris
YouTube (Jen Campbell)

Jen is an award-winning poet, short story writer and author of the Sunday Times bestselling series, Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops. On her titular YouTube channel, Jen regularly discusses poetry (including some of her own), fiction, short story collections, as well as bookish chats with fellow BookTubers and book lovers alike. As if Jen’s delightful nature wasn’t captivating enough, she also has a pretty ambitious bookshelf that’s just as neat as she is!

7. Joce, squibblesreads

joce squibblesreads youtube paperback paris
Joce (squibblesreads)

Of all the BookTubers I’ve watched, Joce of squibblesreads seems to be the most befitting when it comes to genre and book interests. She frequently dishes book talks, book reviews and wrap-ups on her channel, and a big part of her reading demographic is loaded with thriller and mystery books, but she doesn’t shy away from YA and nonfiction reads. If her upbeat enthusiasm doesn’t win you over—particularly when she’s raving about Jessica Chiarella‘s And Again—I don’t really know what will.

8. Ashley, climbthestacks

ashley riordan climbthestacks youtube paperback paris
YouTube (climbthestacks)

Ashley runs the channel climbthestacks—inspired by a quote by the famous Ray Bradbury. She typically discusses literary fiction and memoirs and shares her personal penchant for classic writers like Joan Didion and Mary Karr. Much like her BookTube peers, Ashley’s genteel and warm spirit is always on full display. It could be the cool specs, or perhaps it’s the fact that her up close and personal production makes watching her all the more enticing.

9. Katie, ChapterStackss

katie chapterstackss youtube paperback paris
YouTube (ChapterStackss)

I only just recently got acquainted with Katie’s channel, ChapterStackss, an oasis for admirers of fiction, suspense and mystery books, but I am so in love with the woman’s approach to reviewing books! Katie’s so honest (even in the blunt sense, like me!) but I think that speaks more to her appeal and passion as someone who doesn’t pull any punches when rating books. And if you ask me, that’s the best way to go. Plus, she and I share similar sentiments about Gillian Flynn‘s wrongful and sudden disappearance from literature.

10. Emma, emmmabooks

emma emmmabooks youtube paperback paris
YouTube (emmmabooks)

Currently, in the running for having the best bookshelf/room set-up I’ve ever freakin’ seen, Emma of emmmabooks is no newcomer to the BookTube scene (accidental rhyme intended). She’s made nearly 400 videos and an awesome reputation for herself due to her cheery spirit and unbending dedication to YA fantasies and series alike. If you’re into all things character cosplay and Cassandra Clare-related, or author interviews and book discussions, Emma is definitely your BookTuber!

These are just a few favorites of mine! Stay tuned for Part 2!

Tell us some of your favorites in the comments below!

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