The 100 Year Miracle, Ashley Ream: Book Review

A novel about embracing pain and love.

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The 100 Year Miracle Book Cover The 100 Year Miracle
Ashley Ream
Adult Fiction
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Once a century, for only six days, the bay around a small Washington island glows like a water-bound aurora. Dr. Rachel Bell, a scientist studying the 100-Year Miracle and the tiny sea creatures that create it, knows a secret about the phenomenon that inspired the region’s myths and folklore: the rare green water may contain a power that could save Rachel's own life (and change the world). When Rachel connects with Harry and Tilda, a divorced couple cohabiting once again as Harry enters the last stages of a debilitating disease, Harry is pulled into Rachel's obsession and hope as they both grasp at this once-in-a-lifetime chance to save themselves.

But the Miracle does things to people. Strange and mysterious things. And as these things begin to happen, Rachel has only six days to uncover and control the Miracle's secrets before the waters go dark for another hundred years.

This review contains quotes from the book.

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Ashley Ream‘s The 100 Year Miracle is about three people trying to figure out how to save themselves from their past.

You start off with Rachel. Rachel is a very intelligent scientist, but that is one of the reasons why she has only a few friends and no family. On top of all this, she is hiding a secret from everyone who tries to get near her. Β A secret that could affect those people if they were to get close to her.

Next is Tilda. She is going back to her home to take care of her ailing ex-husband. She also had no other choice but to go home because she lost her job and has no idea what she is going to do for the rest of her life.

Finally, there is Harry, who is Tilda’s ex. Harry was a composer who cannot live by himself anymore because he is dying. His last hope is to fix things with Tilda after a hardship happened to them when they were in the beginning stages of their marriage. All he wants to do in his last months is fix what is broken between them.

All three of them are living on a coastal island, and each of them is in need of alleviating their pain. Tilda is searching for a new start, but while she is doing that she starts to figure out Rachel and the secrets that Rachel is keeping. Tilda is also dealing with the fact that her husband is dying. There is a lot going on for them, but all they want to do is save themselves.

“It was the very end of the very last day of the breeding, a thing that would not occur again for another century. It was so rare and so wondrous that comets and meteor strikes seemed workaday by comparison. Newspapers and television reporters had taken to calling it the 100-Year Miracle.

It did things to people, this miracle. Strange and not wholly wonderful things.”

-excerpt from Ashley Ream’s The 100 Year Miracle

This book was beautifully told and written. Ream does an excellent job of having the reader be emotionally invested in each character. Harry was the most heartbreaking because he knew his death was coming, but he planned on making the most of it by reconnecting with Tilda. I recommend this novel to anyone who is looking for a compelling story that you will want to recommend to all of your friends.

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