’13 Reasons Why’ Recruits Seven New Characters for Season 2

'13 Reasons Why' Adds Seven New Cast Members

13 Reasons Why is adding several more storylines for its second season.

In a report provided by Variety, Netflix‘s 13 Reasons Why is scheduled to include seven more actors to its original lineup for Season 2. Since its premiere in March 2017, the hit series, which takes from Jay Asher‘s novel about the aftermath that follows the suicide of a high school girl who has just taken her own life.

Actors Bryce Cass (Cruel Intentions), Chelsea Alden (American Horror Story: Roanoke), Allison Miller (Terra Nova), Anne Winters (Wicked City), Samantha Logan (The Fosters), Kelli O’Hara (Masters of Sex), and Ben Lawson (Modern Family) have all been named to join in recurring roles in the follow-up of Asher’s adaptation. As far as we know, most of the new additions will not occupy in any significant capacity in Season 2. However, it is believed that a litigator will be introduced as part of the pending lawsuit Hannah Baker’s parents are pursuing against Liberty High.

Winters will portray Chloe, the “it girl” who also happens to be the head cheerleader at Liberty High; O’Hara as the warm-hearted Jackie; Cass as Cyrus, a trouble-making misfit; Miller as Sonya, the witty litigator; Alden as Mackenzie, Cyrus’ artistic outspoken sister; Logan as the track star Nina, whom we learn has a secret; and Lawson as Rick, Liberty High’s baseball coach.

Check out the new additions for 13 Reasons Why Season 2, below.

On May 7, 2017, Netflix announced its plans to renew the Selena Gomez-produced project for a second season, with stars Dylan Minnette (Clay Jensen) and Katherine Langford (Hannah Baker) expected to make a reappearance in the follow-up, although we’re unsure whether Langford’s character will appear in a lead capacity on-screen.

Season 2 is currently in production and is expected to pick up where the finale left off, following the aftermath of Hannah’s death, whom Olivia (portrayed by Kate Walsh) and Andrew Baker (portrayed by Brian d’Arcy James) are determined to avenge with a lawsuit pending against Liberty High, and the emotional voyage to recovery for the other characters impacted by their involvement in Hannah’s passing.

As someone who was a bit unnerved by the premise of 13 Reasons Why, I was thoroughly entertained by Season 1. While my reserveations on the series remain somewhat the same, it won’t deter me from tuning in for Season 2. Especially with Ben Lawson’s fine ass joining the show! (Do y’all agree?! Let me know.)

What do you think of the new additions (so far)?

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