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Paperback Paris is a community of readers who write about books established in 2016. We write stuff for those who appreciate reading books, book news, book reviews and other fun bookish things, like monthly TBR and staff lists, among other stuff you should totally check out if you’re not reading a good book already! In which case, please, share the wealth!

Signs Paperback Paris is the place for you:

  • You enjoy reading books, talking about books with friends, and conversations with new people.
  • You like reading honest, unbiased bookish commentary with an unintentionally humorous tang.
  • … or you more or less hate your day job; the girl that (always) gets the boy of your wet dreams (or vice-versa); the everyday obligation of adulthood; and the only thing that seems to calm you is a good book to help you escape that horrible reality.

If this sounds like you, especially that last part, then it might interest you to join our cult sit with us!

Signs Paperback Paris is not the place for you:

  • You are literally the opposite of everything listed above.
  • You take book conversations too seriously, so much so that you’re prone to say disheartening or blatantly offensive things to anyone who shares an opinion different than your own.
  • You’re a bully, in which case, Where’s my pitchfork?

This is a judgment-free zone: We have a zero tolerance for bullies and those who cannot differentiate opinions from general a-hole behavior. Even though we are very serious about all those things, it’s important to note that we do value variety and debate, but given today’s climate, this is the last place where being a douche will be tolerated. Play nice, have fun and enjoy the community.

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Thinker by day and Andy Cohen’s heartbreaker by night, Paris Close is a writer, editor, and editor-in-chief of Paperback Paris.

Paris climbed out of the chasm of higher education in 2014, bartering quips for a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature with an emphasis in writing and journalism from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. From 2010 to 2014, he worked as a staff writer, culture editor, and editor-in-chief of Aquinas College’s bi-weekly gazette, The Saint.

In April 2014, Paris became a finalist for the American Academy of Poetry Prize for his poem “Survival,” originally published in the Spring 2014 edition of Aquinas College’s fine arts student publication, The Sampler. Other works which have appeared in earlier editions of The Sampler include “Reverie,” a poem (2011) and “Dandelion,” a poem in memory of his dog, Tasha (2013).

In his career, Paris has been published in a plethora of media and digital outlets: emcBlue, University101, byDevan, Crushable,  Elite Daily, PuckerMob, Teen, and PopCrush.

**He encourages you to read at your own discretion, or if you have a heart.
**Our current header design was created by the too-talented Camie, whom you can follow on Instagram (@xohnoballoonsx), Twitter (@ohnoballoons) or reach via e-mail.