About Paperback Paris

Paperback Paris is a website for readers and writers who like writing book-related content. Curated by Paris Close in November 2016, Paperback Paris provides daily book news, book reviews, author spotlights, interviews, exclusive features, columns and more original stories to an audience of over 20,000 readers a month.

Our goal is to help aspiring writers cultivate their creative visions and opinionated ideas in the form of spirited essays, reviews and other critiques on the books they feel strongly about.

Signs Paperback Paris is for you:

  • You’re a reader.
  • You like talking about books with friends and joining bookish convos.
  • You’re all about honest, unbiased book commentary with a sometimes-accidentally comic tang.
  • You display morbid yet rational contempt for either of the following: Your daily 9 to 5, the everyday drag of adulthood, biting your tongue in front of friends about an almost-good book that sucks.
  • …and lastly, the only thing that pacifies you is, in fact, a great book that allows you to escape reality.

If this sounds like you (especially that last part) then it may amuse you to join our cult sit with us!

Signs this is NOT the community for you:

  • You are literally the opposite of everything listed above.
  • You take book talks too seriously (there’s a boundary), so much so that you’re apt to say blatantly offensive things to anyone with an opposing opinion.
  • You’re a bully, in which case, that’s what witch hunts were made for.

The goal: As it relates to community and commentary, Paperback Paris considers itself a judgment-free zone, a haven for writers and readers with thought-provoking opinions. In short, we have a zero-tolerance policy for assholes of every variety.

Sure, we are serious about free expression but not in the way of brooding hatred, prejudice or mistreatment. Given today’s current climate, this is the last place on the Internet where being a douche will be allowed. Play nice. Read always. And be kind to our community…or else.

Paris Close, Editor-in-chief at Paperback ParisAbout the Founder

Thinker by day and Andy Cohen’s dream harlot by night, Paris Close is a writer, editor, and the founder and editor-in-chief of Paperback Paris.

In 2014, Paris climbed out of the chasm of higher education, where he bartered quips for a B.A. in English with an emphasis in writing and journalism from Aquinas College. From 2010 to 2014, he acted as a staff writer, culture editor, and editor-in-chief of the institution’s bi-weekly gazette, The Saint.

In a former, mislaid life, Paris was also a poet.

In April 2014, he became a finalist for the American Academy of Poetry Prize for his poem “Survival,” originally published in the Spring 2014 edition of Aquinas’ fine arts student publication, The Sampler. Paris has also had several other works appear in The Sampler, including poems “Reverie” (2011) and “Dandelion” (2013), the latter of which was written in remembrance of his departed canine, Tasha.

Following Aquinas, Paris has since worked as an entertainment, dating and lifestyle writer for a plethora of publications and media outlets, including emcBlue, University101, byDevan, Crushable,  Elite Daily, PuckerMob, TeenPopCrush, Billboard, and elsewhere.