Amanda Bouchet Reveals Title + First Look at the Endeavor Series

The first novel in the series is set to release in 2019.

amanda bouchet endeavor first lookAmanda Bouchet

Earlier this year, Amanda Bouchet announced a new, three book deal with Sourcebooks Casablanca. Set to be a trilogy, the new series, Endeavor, has a science fiction setting and is set to feature Captain Tess Bailey.

Today (December 1), Bouchet took to social media to reveal a first look at the new series. Prompted to post seven lines of a work in progress, Bouchet took the opportunity to present the beginning of the first book in the series, officially titled Nightchaser.

I sat back in my captain’s chair and breathed, slow and deep, letting my body adjust to traveling at a normal speed again. It was risky to come here, but maybe we’d finally get a break. We needed one. So did the ship.

Outside the bridge’s windows, stars winked back at me from the endless Dark. The view didn’t look much different from anywhere else we’d been to in the galaxy lately, but no one in their right mind would be here. I was counting on it.

While much longer than seven lines (the entire excerpt can be viewed here), the brief snippet is similar in tone and style when compared with Bouchet’s other works, as it is in first person and provides the inner thoughts and feelings of the main character.

Presumably told from Captain Tess Bailey’s perspective, the sneak peek offers a glimpse at the science fiction, deep space setting, and introduces another character, Tess’ first mate, Jaxon.

As the official title was just decided upon yesterday (November 30), it’s safe to say that it will be a while before we see more about Bouchet’s upcoming release, which is set to appear in early 2019. Any news is good news, however, and, based off of the sneak peek, Nightchaser is bound to be as entertaining as the Kingmaker Chronicles.

Are you looking forward to Amanda Bouchet’s new series?

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