‘American Gods’ Gets the Green Light for Season Two

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American Gods, the new fantasy drama taking over Starz, has already been renewed for a second season. Based on Neil Gaiman’s fan favorite novel of the same name, American Gods as a television adaptation has been incredibly well-received only three episodes in.

The news of the sudden renewal of American Gods for a second season comes by way of Deadline, as Starz announced their plans to continue the series just two weeks after the premiere of the first season:

Bryan Fuller, Michael Green and Neil Gaiman have evolved the art form of television narratively, structurally and graphically with American Gods, and we’re thrilled to be working again with these artists as they continue to build the worlds and wars of the gods.

The second season of American Gods is currently expected to launch in sometime in the middle of next year and will be at least eight episodes long. And for fans of the series, to know that a new season of American Gods is already underway is exciting.

It’s no secret that I am in love with the show already, as I have already hinted at the fact that it might be one of the best adaptations I have ever seen.

Based on the amount of detail in each episode from this season (so far), it shouldn’t be difficult for the series to progress beyond a single season. In fact, according to a recent tweet by Gaiman himself, the end of the first season won’t get bring us far along Shadow’s journey at all. Furthermore, Gaiman has suggested the idea that, if done properly, American Gods could end up having five seasons:

While we aren’t quite there yet, the announcement of a second season is more than enough to fire up Gaiman’s fans. Not only do we have the remainder of this season to look forward to (with five episodes left), but we can also expect a brand new season to premiere sometime next year.

What do you think about American Gods getting renewed for Season 2?

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