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American novelist and native Californian Michelle Moran is known for her vivid and intriguing historical fiction novels. Her novels will allow you to discover many important historical eras, events, and figures while being acquainted with interesting, and well-written, characters, settings, and plotlines.

Who is Michelle Moran?

Moran is an internationally bestselling author with seven historical fiction novels currently out. Originating from Southern California, Moran completed her undergraduate education at Pomona College and then earned her master’s degree from Claremont Graduate University. She worked as a high school teacher and also was able to volunteer on archaeological digs around the world, thus igniting her interest in world history that is reflected in her writing. 

What has she worked on?

Moran’s current novels feature ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, the French revolution, France under Napoleon, India facing the threat of imperialism, and World War I, so there is something for almost every history nerd out there. Nefertiti captures the famous Egyptian queen from the unique point of view of her younger sister. An old dynasty relies on a forgotten princess in The Heretic Queen. In Cleopatra’s Daughter, readers learn of the compelling and often untold story of how Cleopatra’s daughter, Selene. Moran takes on the French revolution with Madame Tussaud, which features a detailed portrait of the famous wax artist. The Second Empress allows an intimate look into Napoleon’s court. The dazzling world of India is put on display in Rebel Queen. Her most recent work, Mata Hari’s Last Dance, documents the incredible life of a World War I spy.

michelle moran author spotlight paperbackparis
Why should you read her?

You should read Moran’s novels because they are perfect for those who love the historical fiction genre, and are great for people testing the waters of historical fiction. Her novels tend to feature strong female protagonists, such as Queen Lakshmi from the Rebel Queen. They also provide an entertaining history lesson of different places and time periods that people are typically drawn to. Some historical fiction authors tend to focus on just one time period, but Moran navigates various historical eras with in-depth knowledge and a sense of creativity. 

What should you start with?

You don’t have to read her novels in order, but it might be a good idea to start out with her first novel, Nefertiti. I would also strongly recommend Rebel Queen, which is my personal favorite out of all the novels I have read from her.

Learn more about Michelle Moran from her personal website, Facebook, and Goodreads

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