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She may have only one book to her name, but at just 24, Rupi Kaur is already moving mountains with her own personal brand of poetic wisdom. Her wildly popular poetry collection, Milk and Honey, has found a special place in the hearts of many (ours included).

Who is Rupi Kaur?

Born in Punjab, India and raised in Toronto, Canada, Kaur is not just a writer—she’s an artist and performer as well. She attended the University of Waterloo, where she originally began studying economics but soon switched to studying rhetoric and professional writing. In 2013, at the beginning stages of her writing, Kaur would post her work on a little public platform known as Tumblr. In the following year, she would post her writing on her personal Instagram account.

Passionate about spoken word, Kaur has remarked her interest in performing her pieces, which she’s been doing since 2009. In addition, she is also well-known for the photo-essay (see images below) she created on the taboo that surrounds menstruation, which experienced a bit of a controversy when she first published the concept to Instagram.

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Images Courtesy of Rupi Kaur

Why should you read her?

In just a short time, Kaur’s collection of raw, honest, moving, and emotionally powerful poetry in Milk & Honey have become immensely popular. Even though she first self-published this collection in 2014, she added more poems and her now well-known illustrations when the book got re-published in 2015. Not only was it named a #1 New York Times bestseller, it’s likely you probably have seen Kaur’s poems posted on your friends’ Instagram or Facebook feed. And with considerable reason.

rupi kaur milk and honey
Rupi Kaur (Milk & Honey)

Some of the topics Milk & Honey draws on subjects such as sexual abuse, love, and heartbreak. It goes without saying that Kaur isn’t afraid to touch down on areas that are often ignored or avoided by society. Her collection also challenges the preconceived notions surrounding femininity, which makes it such a great read for women everywhere. Kaur herself has also stated that she believes men should read her book as well; the simple yet poetic style that is paired with captivating illustrations only makes her writing that more alluring, despite the sometimes difficult and dark material.

What’s next for Rupi Kaur?

Readers will definitely see more of Kaur’s writing in the future. It’s already been confirmed that the brimming poet locked down a two-book deal in the works with her publisher, and she is expecting to release a new poetry collection this fall.

Witness Rupi Kaur in action during her TEDxKC talk

Learn more about Rupi Kaur by checking out her personal website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads.

Rupi Kaur’s one and only collection to date, Milk & Honey, is available for purchase: Order it here.

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