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Still Me Jojo Moyes Book Review

Still Me, Jojo Moyes: Book Review

'Still Me' is a fantastic conclusion to Louisa Clark's story that will have you laughing and crying almost at once as we finally see her come into her own.

Elizabeth Acevedo

10 Latinx Poets Everyone Should Know About

Each poet captures an essential element of what it means to exist in the liminal space between cultures, to have a view from society's periphery. The pain and beauty comes from a place in the heart of somewhere else--of lands left behind.

holding graham norton book review

Holding, Graham Norton: Book Review

'Holding' is the exact opposite of what people would expect from the public persona Graham Norton puts forth, but this novel exhibits his keen ability to dissect the inner workings of human turmoil.

junot diaz author spotlight

Author Spotlight: Junot Díaz

Junot Díaz's work transcends language and space. It is lush with the diasporic experience and the lush cadence of New Jersey Spanglish.

jardine libaire white fur book review

White Fur, Jardine Libaire: Book Review

The inherent precariousness of their love story—weighed down by their class distinctions—makes the reader wonder if, or when, these lovers will end in tragedy.

alex approximately jenn bennett book review

Alex, Approximately, Jenn Bennett: Book Review

Jenn Bennett's latest novel Alex, Approximately is everything a summer read should be. There's romance, California sunshine, foggy mornings, surfers, and classic films. What more could you ask for?

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