Courtney Maum’s ‘Touch’ Makes Belletrist June Book Club Pick

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Belletrist just revealed their book club pick for the month of June, and I was right on the money!

Today (June 8), Karah Preiss of Belletrist sat down with author Courtney Maum to discuss the club’s latest pick, Maum’s novel Touch via Facebook Live.

courtney maum touch belletrist book club june 2017
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In her return, Maum, whose debut novel I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You was hailed as one of the best books of Summer 2014, presentsΒ Touch, the story of one woman’s lucrative knack for predicting the world’s next big trend. But when Sloane Jacobsen is brought on board to lead Mammoth’s annual conference to honor the “voluntarily childless,” her often tech-motivated predictions start to leave her feeling more out of whack than in touch with her instincts.

I’ve been following Belletrist since its inception, and I am loving the direction Preiss and Emma Roberts chose to take with their club. They do some pretty cool things, including inviting authors to engage in conversation about their books. In fact, they recently had one withΒ Julie Buntin to talk about her debut novel Marlena just last week. Still, it helps to know I can always live vicariously through these discussions since my social life/work life balance has been eating at my brain. So much so that I’ve had little to no time at all to read anything of substance. (But this will change!)

Having followed the club this long, I can assure you this is the group you’ll want to be a part of, especially as we approach summer. So if you’re interested in joining yourself, you may do so here.

You can watch Karah Preiss and Courtney Maum’s conversation in the video below.

Tell us what you thought of Karah and Courtney’s talk in the comments below!
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