7 Podcasts Every Book Lover Should Know About

As a reader, roadblocks like walking, driving, sleeping or other tasks might conflict with meeting those reading goals but a good podcast can help you to multitask your day to day life while keeping those goals in mind.

Chances are, your friends don’t read as much as you do, so they probably don’t understand your obsession. But podcasts are a nice gateway to overindulge in your favorite authors, books, and new reads. More than that, they’re super entertaining!

So rest your eyes (literally) and check out our recommended list of fun, informative bookish podcasts you should tune in to.

1. Late Night Library

late night library best podcasts to listen to

What’s it About: Late Night Library is the umbrella for several great bookish podcasts. Late Night Conversations is pretty cool because the host speaks firsthand with authors. Although the show does focus on a certain title, you never know what other juicy morsels will come out in these candid conversations.

Topics Discussed: NYC-based professor and author John Matteson expounded on his book The Annotated Little Women, in which he puts his own spin on the beloved Alcott family. New York Times Book Review editor  Pamela Paul also joins in from time to time to break down her journey to becoming an author and how she works to dispel diversity issues within the book review community.

2. Between the Covers

paperback paris best book podcasts list

What’s it About: Between the Covers is the podcast to listen to when you want answers. The direct, author to author tete-a-tete is very pointed and intentional. You’ll leave with a greater understanding of the book as well as an author’s true reasoning behind choices that were made in the writing.

Topics Discussed: Sarah Manguso came on air to discuss her memoir, Ongoingness, and author Roxane Gay stopped by to unravel her novel, An Untamed State.

3. Lexicon Valley

paperback paris best book podcasts list

What’s it About: One thing that has become glaringly obvious to me is just how much of what I’ve read influences the way I speak to other people. Produced by SlateLexicon Valley is a podcast not only about books; it teaches listeners about vocabulary and the origin of words and phrases. The show even takes a look at pet peeves, neurolinguistics, and the “death” of languages in order to question why and how language is used.

Topics Discussed: Past conversations have been on subjects like Word Sex: How Words Hook Up and Make New Ones and What Had Happened Was Storytelling. During that airing, show host John McWhorter sheds light on his own book, Talking Back Talking Black Truths About Americas Lingua Franca.

4. OtherPpl (with Brad Listi)

paperback paris best book podcasts list

What’s it About: Brad Listi is a funny, down to earth, LA Times best-selling author who typically provides one-on-one chats with other authors on the show. Thought-provoking and easygoing, the inviting tone of Listi’s podcast makes it all the more easy to get into. Not only that, he’s made his subscription-only archives public and completely free to listen to.

Topics Discussed: Previous guests have included David Berenbaum the screenwriter behind the classic Christmas flick, Elf, and author Kristin Dombek who interpreted her book Selfishness of Others: An Essay On The Fear of Narcissism.

5. Literary Disco

paperback paris best book podcasts list

What’s it About: My favorite on the list, Literary Disco makes for an amusing listening experience, to say the least. Literary Disco gives off a colloquial impression: just a few friends sitting around and goofing off with a bit of friendly book banter. There’s even a little dose of pop culture conversations as well. As if that wasn’t a selling point already, Major Bonus: Boy Meets World alum and resident cutie, Rider Strong, is one of the hosts.

Topics Discussed: Some of the conversations on Literary Disco have ranged from classic works like George Orwell‘s 1984 to game night to answering listener questions. Other shows have taken an in-depth look into the art of memoir in podcasts like, Why We Write About Ourselves.

6. Dear Book Nerd

paperback paris best book podcasts list

What’s it About: Coined as a “bookish advice show,” Book Riot‘s Dear Book Nerd is loaded with light-heartedness and speaks on a variety of relatable subjects that appeal mostly to millennials today.

Topics Discussed: Some of the things they’ve spoken about have been: balancing your pleasure reading with schoolwork, not falling asleep by reading, favorite bookish vacation sites, and getting over a book that really affected you. Hot tip: They also talk about comics from time to time, too!

7. Slate’s Audio Book Club

paperback paris best book podcasts list

What’s it About: As the name suggest, Slate’s Audio Book Club is your own virtual audio book club. They usually have critical discussions on authors, sharing thoughts and theories on books they’re reading at the moment and significant plot points of a book. But only listen if you don’t mind spoilers because the bits and pieces discussed can get pretty detailed.

Topics Discussed: Huh, This Memoir Makes Plants Really Interesting was used as their tagline for probing books like Lab Girl, a memoir written by American geobiologist Hope Jahren. And no, there’s nothing shady with that title: Jaren is an actual geochemist. Slate critics have also explored Rebecca Traister‘s Eligible, a book that considers how single women are reshaping America.

Have you listened to any good podcasts lately?

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