The Best Books We Read in March 2019

From Halle Butler's 'The New Me' to Anne Bishop's 'Written in Blood'

Best Books We Read March 2019
During the final week of every month, we, the Paperback Paris team, come together to share our thoughts on the best books we read.
Check out the list, below, to find out which books made our Staff Picks selections this time around!

Best Books We Read March 2019 Written in Blood Anne Bishop

Melissa Ratcliff’s March 2019 Pick: Written in Blood, Anne Bishop

“Part urban fantasy, part low key paranormal romance, Anne Bishop captivates in Written in Red by building upon the mundane in the broken innocence of Meg Corbyn, a blood prophet. Coveted for her ability to reveal prophecy through the flow of her own blood, Meg transforms from property to individual with the support and protection of the terra indigene, creatures that are not quite human. With a focus on world-building, Bishop challenges the conventions of shape-shifting narratives by breathing life into what we would consider a werewolf in Simon Wolfguard. Featuring a slow-building plot that delves into the concept of belonging, Bishop establishes a unique, multi-faceted world on the brink of destruction that will entertain even the most hesitant of urban fantasy readers, so long as they appreciate slice of life narratives.

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Best Books We Read 2019 Halle Butler The New Me

Paris Close’s March 2019 Pick: The New Me, Halle Butler

“I’d been dealing with some heavy emotions before opening Butler’s latest novel, The New Me. I confessed my admiration for a straight friend who resorted to dodging and dismissing my feelings since that day; I faltered (many times) at the gym this year to return to my old self, a man I’ve not seen in years; I wake with a constant fear that love is a far away thing. Et cetera. I did not know I’d find a twin in Butler’s protagonist Millie, who is perhaps the most relatable millennial I’ve read on the page, and who tries her best to be a better, tolerant version of herself despite the forces against her. The New Me brought tears to my eyes, and faith to my heart.”

(Read our review here.)

(Honorable mentions: I read four books this month — all of which were so damn good — and two others I’d highly recommend are Richard Chiem‘s King of Joy and Andrew Ridker‘s The Altruists.)

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Best Books We Read March 2019 Belzebubs JP Ahonen

Jen Weddle’s March 2019 Pick: Belzebubs, JP Ahonen

“This comic is for any true fan of the Addams Family — and I absolutely loved it! The art is in a black and white style, but to truly appreciate the story you may need a dark sense of humor. The story follows a family’s small business as a metal band in a faux documentary style — even if Lilith and Leviathan’s parents are disappointed neither of them turned out to be the antichrist, I was still able to appreciate their dark and enchantingly funny family dynamic.

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Best Books We Read March 2019 Honey Farm Harriet Alida Lye

Rachel Gonzalez’s March 2019 Pick: Honey Farm, Harriet Alida Lye

“The Honey Farm by Harriet Alida Lye could be one of the most compelling and unconventional mysteries I’ve ever read. When it starts it seems like a coming of age story, and then a love story, and then someone in the middle of all of that emerges something sinister and unknown. The twists and turns are downright psychological in the way that we perhaps never get the full picture, we never know who’s mind is right. Among all of these questions and thrills is a truly beautiful use of language that is sweet and drips thickly from the page, just like honey. 

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