Best Books We Read This Month: November 2017

Carliann, Paris, Melissa, Leah, Alicia and Jessica weigh in on their faves!

Best Books of November 2017Paperback Paris

During the final week of every month, the Paperback Paris team comes together to share which books were their favorites and why.

See the list below to find out which books made the cut for our Staff Picks this November!

Best Books We Read: November 2017

Jessica Duffield’s November 2017 Pick: Father’s Day, Simon Van Booy

Simon Van Booy‘s Father’s Day was my favorite read of the year! I loved the relationship between Jason and his niece Harvey. Harvey was placed in Jason’s care after her parents died, and I loved the development of Jason’s character as he turned into the father figure that Harvey needed. This book had tons of sweet, loving moments between the two. And the ending came with an amazing twist.”

Best Books We Read: November 2017

Paris Close’s November 2017 Pick: Heartbreaker, Maryse Meijer

“After long periods of perusing, I finally brought myself to purchase this book from my local indie bookstore. I’d been wanting to read Maryse Meijer‘s collection for over a year but I could never find a store with a physical copy, which makes me more fortunate for having this explosive little book in my possession. Meijer’s stories are ferocious, delightfully weird and unsettling; yet, somehow, each forges through the threshold of our own human carnality.  Her amazing capacity to challenge the way in which men and women are made to perform the diurnal balancing act between our vices and virtues is extraordinary, her characters unforgettable.”

Best Books We Read: November 2017

Leah Rodriguez’s November 2017 Pick: Turtles All the Way Down, John Green

“I was initially wary about John Green‘s new book. It’s been five years since his nearly perfect novel, The Fault In Our Stars, was published, and, like many people, I have a strong emotional attachment to it. While Turtles All the Way Down is a very different kind of book, it contains all the things that make Green’s work such a joy to read. In this novel, sixteen-year-old Aza Holmes is often trapped within her own though spirals—what we would call Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Because Green has been open about his struggles with the illness, it’s apparent almost immediately how intimately familiar Aza’s difficulties are to the author and how much of his own struggle has been placed within the narrative. Something about her story encompasses the reader’s thoughts in ways that I had not considered. It is, of course, another masterpiece.”

Best Books We Read: November 2017

Carliann Rittman’s November 2017 Pick: Stasiland: Oh Wasn’t it so Terrible – True Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall, Anna Funder

Anna Funder‘s Stasiland was such a captivating read because it is as personal as it is historically rich and informative. It’s a work of nonfiction, but it’s really personal non-fiction. Funder takes you through the history of the Berlin wall from East Berlin, and she really carefully tells stories of her own life intertwined with stories of those personally impacted by the wall and the Stasi police force. The tales are heartbreaking and stick with you in a sort of magical way.”

Best Books We Read: November 2017

Melissa Ratcliff’s November 2017 Pick: Stone Circle, Kate Murdoch

“Told from the lush backdrop of Renaissance Italy, Kate Murdoch‘s debut novel, Stone Circle, is a refreshing work of historical fantasy featuring touches of romance. Instead of going above and beyond to create a system of magic, Murdoch plays on ancient traditions by incorporating the art of seeing into the compelling plot of the novel. From unexpected circumstances to mind reading, courting, and intense magical rituals, Stone Circle was a captivating read that went above and beyond my initial expectations. Full of descriptive language and ancient secrets, readers will long for a sequel despite the novel’s definitive ending.”

Best Books We Read: November 2017

Alicia LeBoeuf’s November 2017 Pick: Final Girls, Riley Sager

“The best thing about Riley Sager‘s thriller Final Girls is that it contains a huge, jaw-dropping twist that I did not expect at all. Usually, I’m able to predict the twist before it is revealed, but since that was not the case with this book, it stands out to me. This book also featured great characterization and an ever-shifting plot that will compel you to continue turning the pages.”

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