Happy Fourth of July: The 16 Dreamiest #SummerReading Snaps on Instagram

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Since today is the Fourth of July, that can only mean one thing: it’s time to indulge. Which means eating so many hot dogs you feel sick or shoveling ice cream into your face (I plan on doing both) — but it could also mean treating yo’ self in quieter, equally nourishing ways, like curling up with a good book for hours (or all summer long).

If you need some inspiration for how to spend your day off (and which books to spend it with), I have exactly what you need. Here are some of my favorite summer reading inspired Instagram posts.

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I'm re-reading Eileen Myles, which I could do again and again, while in New York for the weekend. In this "poet's novel," Myles documents her life in New York, as she becomes a poet while becoming a person and becoming closer to her sexuality. If you are struggling with words or life, justifying your place as a writer or your relationship with art and money, read this book. She is straight up and intimate about finances and love and sex and "culture" in an incredible way that always teaches me something. This book might make you feel less alone, which I think is what poetry did for Eileen. // I love her meditations on the worth of incomplete poetry and realizing that poetry is living: "The thing of great value is you. Where you are, glowing and fading, while you live." // Eileen's sexual becoming is also close to my heart, and seems so tied to poetry: "Sometimes it leads to sex, sometimes it's just women fooling around, kissing each other in the mirror, women who are girls. I found it confusing, that's all."

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I'll Take You There by Wally Lamb This book was interesting and unexpectedly so. I picked up this book due to my interest in old films and figured it would be a cheesey beach read. I really wasn't expecting anything especially thought provoking. However, Lamb surprised me by creating this fiction in order to portray a larger argument about contemporary feminism. Even more curious is that the piece is written by a middle aged man who is visited by old Hollywood ghosts. There is mystery, intrigue and family secrets. Lamb takes us back to the New London and New York of the 1950's and 60's. While I don't agree with Lambs entire sentiment, it is an interesting perspective on the evolution of feminism. Most importantly, this book is a page turner and will have you wanting to know more but for the book to never end. Great read! #summerreading #beachread #wallylamb #illtakeyouthere

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These are my favorite #SummerReading posts on Instagram!

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