‘Big Little Lies’ Episode 6 Recap: Burning Love

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This recap contains spoilers

When the familiar opening music of Big Little Lies came on, I was ready to reach some resolution to the HBO drama’s unpredictable plot. But, despite now only having one episode left in the series, I’m still questioning the details of the murder, and I can’t wait for next week’s shocking finale! Luckily, Episode 6 of Big Little Lies had plenty of emotional twists and turns to keep me on the edge of my seat in the meantime.

For starters, I’m completely in awe of Celeste. We’ve seen a lot of her character’s growth as she goes from denial to realization of her decaying marriage. I’ve really enjoyed seeing Celeste at her one-on-one therapy sessions too; and though they can be hard to watch, witnessing Celeste let her guard down bit by bit is unsettling but so welcomed.

Celeste has been feeling reluctant and uncomfortable with her therapist’s questions and suggestions for a while. But she takes refuge in her therapist’s proposing she find an apartment she can get away to whenever things go awry with her home life, and I was honestly surprised and relieved to see Celeste checking out an oceanfront space for a life sans Perry. Sadly, though, Celeste’s apartment hunt occurs only after Perry threatens her life, saying, “You’re lucky I didn’t kill you.” It’s a chilling moment that transpires after Celeste whacks at Perry’s, ahem, “Perry,” with a tennis racket, causing a very embarrassing and intimate injury.

We witness Celeste’s troubled home life begin to permeate her friendships, as she misses the opening night of Madeline’s play after she supposedly broke Perry’s urethra, and chalks up the injury to “rough sex.” While we’re still wading in the state of Celeste and Perry’s turbulent relationship, if there were any takeaways we got out of Episode 6 it’s that Celeste associates her self-worth based on what others think of her. Even though I suspected this about her character from the beginning, it was still heartbreaking to hear her admission.

In regards to the fast-paced drama and terror of Jane’s visit to Saxon last week, we now know that Jane did not, in fact, come face to face with Ziggy’s father. Madeline seems nervous and partly responsible for opening this can of worms for Jane and worries that Jane might even resort to violent and use her gun in a moment of rage.

This is seen in one of Jane’s more intense moments of rage when she (finally) confronts Renata about a petition floating around Otter Bay to suspend Ziggy. Both Jane and the faculty are furious, but it seems that poor Ziggy is still being accused of being the school bully, and yet, we’ve no lead on who the real culprit could be. My heart breaks for this kid every week, and when Renata and Jane finally have a moment of peace between each other, I felt like I could let out a sigh of relief. Even so, just because Renata is coming around doesn’t mean we’re any closer to knowing WHO THE BULLY IS. If you ask me, between the murder and the bully scandal, next week’s finale is going to have a lot to cover.

I’m also curious to know if we will see Madeline admit to the affair with Joseph. During the opening night of Avenue Q, Joseph’s wife, Tori, confronts Madeline, accusing her of being the mistress that Joseph is in love with. Despite hitting the nail right on the head, Madeline denies it, saying that she is happily married and would never do such a thing to put her family at risk. I wasn’t too surprised at Madeline’s lie–I mean, it’s the show’s namesake after all–but I was surprised when she came clean about the affair to her oldest daughter, Abigail.

Speaking of, while Madeline is off having an affair, it turns out that her daughter is at work on a secret scandal of her own: auctioning off her own virginity online for the sake of charity. (Yes, you heard me right.) When I tell you jaw literally dropped with this one! Like, what is going on?! Even though it seems unsure whether Abigail will actually go through with it, I am seriously hoping she reconsiders.

But the confessionals don’t end there. As Madeline and Ed attend the somewhat hellish dinner hosted by Bonnie and Nathan in an attempt to come together as co-parents, Madeline is confronted about her daughter’s vomit-inducing secrets. Though, even when coming face to face with Abigail over her nonsensical charity favors, Madeline buckles down with an emotional testimony of her own. Madeline confesses to her own mistakes, hoping to sway Abigail from going through with her project, but, like most other things with this show, we will likely have to wait until next week to learn more about what happens!

As excited as I am for us to finally be approaching the series finale, I’m devastated at the thought of no longer being able to tune in to my favorite show every Sunday evening. With the mommy wars coming to an end, it’s hard to imagine just where these women and their families will end up, and if any of them might turn out to be a killer. Or better yet, the killer. 

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