Brie Larson is a Resentful Runaway in ‘The Glass Castle’ Trailer

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Brie Larson‘s newest role may earn the actress her next Academy Award.

If the name The Glass Castle sounds familiar to you, it’s because the title derives from Jeannette Walls‘ (portrayed by Larson) 2005 memoir of the same name. The autobiography follows Walls through her poverty-stricken childhood and the dysfunctional relationship she shares with her parents, Rex (portrayed by Woody Harrelson), a nomadic yet functioning alcoholic who is constantly moving his family because he can’t keep a job, and her mother Rose Mary (portrayed by Naomi Watts), an eccentric painter and unlikely guardian.

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No stranger to tackling tough, female-fronted drama flicks, Larson rose to notoriety for her harrowing portrayal as captive Joy Newsome in the 2015 Canadian-Irish drama Room, based on Emma Donoghue‘s book of the same name, which earned Larson the Academy Award for Best Actress back in 2016.

In the trailer, Walls revisits memories of her dysfunctional childhood: from Rex’s romanticizing physics and geology to her Rose Mary’s carefree and peculiar detachment to motherhood, we can discern that this is no ordinary dynamic. With a father in and out of jobs and a mother that is more or less present, Walls and her siblings are made to grow up fast: feeding, clothing and sheltering each other, until they eventually flee to New York. In the present day, Walls is an accomplished writer and journalist who is forced to face the demons she ran away from.

By the looks of it, the family drama could be a massive hit this summer. The Glass Castle is expected to hit theaters on August 11.

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