5 Dope, Easy to Follow Cookbooks Coming Out in 2017

5 Easy to Follow Cookbooks Releasing in 2017Paperback Paris

I am dead serious when I say that I enjoy taking in a Williams-Sonoma catalog like it’s US Weekly, Vogue, or the next book I’m trying to finish. It’s true, I am a foodie who loves to read and I’m always looking for something different to try at restaurants.My guilty pleasure: pouring over beautiful cookbooks like the Bibles they are, appreciating everything from the pictures to the ingredients to the fancy directions that make me feel I’m Food Network Channel ready.

So if you’re anything like me, you want in on the latest in on all the fancy, easy-to-follow food recipes. I gotcha covered! These are the six most easygoing cookbooks to gift to your favorite foodie this year:

1. Dinner: Changing the Game, Melissa Clark

Easy to Follow Cookbooks Releasing in 2017
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New York Times Food Columnist Melissa Clark is the brains behind the foodie column, A Good Appetite, and the author of Dinner: Changing the Game, a cookbook which promises to offer a fresh take on familiar recipes. With over three dozen books under her belt, Clark has a knack for finding good eats.

Not only does Clark’s book include the famous guacamole recipe that pioneered “Pea-gate“—an uproarious craze that garnered attention from former president Barack Obama in 2015—it aims to create great dinner dishes that are less fussy by putting a unique spin on old favorites.

2. Stirring Up Fun with Food, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Gia Russo

Easy to Follow Cookbooks Releasing in 2017
Grand Central Life & Style

Due April 4, Pre-order here

If you have nieces, nephews, younger siblings, or children of your own, Stirring Up Fun with Food will be of particular interest to you. The recipes in this book were personally inspired by Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s children’s interest in new food dishes. In turn, the actress turned-modern-day-Julia Child organized an entire cookbook with her kids, chock-full of unique recipes for every month.

Like most everyone else, I didn’t know that Buffy the Vampire Slayer doubled as a culinary magnate; but her latest cookbook makes it clear she is a woman of many talents. Not to mention, she’s also partnered with the lifestyle brand, Foodstirs, designed specifically to bring families together in the kitchen. Her partner in culinary crime, Gia Russo, has even designed products for the likes of Martha Stewart and has worked with Williams-Sonoma.

3. Dishing Up The Dirt, Andrea Bemis

Easy to Follow Cookbooks Releasing in 2017
Harper Wave

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Not all great cooks are ordinarily trained professionals, Andrea Bemis spent 13 years of her life learning the farming trade, working and cooking with raw ingredients at home. In any case, she’s just as qualified as anyone else on our list to bring good eats to your table.

In addition to her ranching experience, Bemis has years worth of entries and recipes on her blog documenting her journey with fresh food and homemade recipes. Bemis started managing a family farm in Massachusetts with her significant other before opening their own in Oregon, which may have inspired Bemis’ love of fresh ingredients, and the birth of her adorable blog, Dishing up the Dirt.

4. Impatient Foodie, Elettra Wiedermann

Easy to Follow Cookbooks Releasing in 2017

Due June 6, Pre-order here

Elettra Wiedemann is the current executive food editor at Refinery29, and her recipes typically focus on being equally delicious as they are easy to make. The cookbook and blog of the same name, Impatient Foodie, was inspired by the her need to create faster versions of those succulent slow-cooked recipes we all enjoy. And if you’re anything like her—constantly on the go—Wiedemann’s cookbook might best suit your fast-paced lifestyle.

Impatient Foodie is all low maintenance and high reward that will satisfy your flavor-focused appetite. Once you’ve gotten your fill of Wiedemann’s recipes in her latest cookbook, swing over to her blog, How to Get Out of a Cooking Rut, to plan your next dinner party ahead of time.

5. Our Sweet Basil Kitchen, Cade Cheney and Carrian Cheney

Easy to Follow Cookbooks Releasing in 2017
Shadow Mountain

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If “Sweet Potato, Apple, Turkey Chili” and “Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Buttercream” gets your mouth watering then Cade Cheney and Carrian Cheney might be the power couple to revamp your family dinner experience. Their latest cookbook collab, Oh Sweet Basil, is all about blending robust flavors into their health and fitness-driven recipes.

When Carrian first started the couple’s blog, it became an instant hit with food and fitness lovers alike. So it came as no surprise that the Cheney’s were due to release a cookbook together. With Carrian’s love of hearty, earthy garden goodness and Cade’s appetite for Southern flared foods, these recipes come tailor-made for your taste buds.

These cookbooks are all kinds of YUM, wouldn’t you agree?

Which recipes are you cooking up this spring? Share some of your go-to cookbooks with us!

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