English Major Musings 015: An English Major’s Back-To-School Guide

School is right around the corner. Are you ready?

English Major Musings 015: Back to School

English Major Musings is an evergreen Paperback Paris column curated by Contributing Writer Alicia LeBoeuf.

Depending on your college, the first day of school could be mere days away or not until September. Either way, it’s time to start thinking about going back to school, no matter how much you don’t want to say goodbye to summer. Here’s what you should be thinking about and getting to work on before walking back onto campus.

The first step to getting focused and organized when it comes to going back to school? Making some lists. Shopping lists – with everything spanning from notebooks to what kind of decorations you want in your dorm room — can be helpful when it comes to 1) making sure you don’t forget anything and 2) ensuring you don’t overspend on things you really don’t need. 

If these items are not on your list already, I highly recommend buying a planner to keep organized, a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the school day, and a good pair of earbuds so you can listen to music on your way to class. These things might seem random, but they can come in handy. English majors in particular need to make sure they’re well stocked with notebooks, pensPost-it notes, and highlighters to get through literature and creative writing classes. 

Shopping for school is something that sounds fun (and, okay, it can be pretty fun), but it can also quickly become overwhelming. If you’re a commuter, your shopping might consist of school supplies and textbooks. But if you live on campus or live in an apartment nearby during the school year, your shopping list gets a lot longer. Everyone’s own needs for a dorm or apartment are different, but there are lots of college packing lists out there to help you out. 

The beginning of a new school year also offers the opportunity to re-access some of your goals and possibly create some new ones. Take some time and really think about what kind of goals you want to achieve this semester or year. These goals can be strictly tied to academics, but they can span many different areas of your life. You can even split up your goals into ‘academic’ (grades, GPA, etc.), ‘professional’ (jobs, internships, etc.), and ‘fun’ (think of this more as a college bucket list). It’s important to not only think of a goal but to create a plan that details how you can achieve that goal as well. 

As the school year quickly approaches, it’s also important to ask the question: did I do everything I wanted to do this summer? Now that it’s August already, I’m trying to make the most of any free time I have doing things I might not have time for during the busy school year. Being an English major, this means reading as many books as possible, working on my writing, and journaling on a daily basis.

Another important thing to do as summer winds down? Relax. Yes, you should try to be prepared for the upcoming school year, but make sure you enjoy the rest of your summer as well. 

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