Author Spotlight

A Paperback Paris original feature, author spotlights are feature stories which aim to highlight an array of authors and writers.

Patti Smith Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Patti Smith

From sparklingly honest and imaginative memoirs to poetry-plus-rock that defined a genre, it almost feels like you’d have to *try* to not come into contact with Patti Smith’s work.

amanda bouchet author spotlight

Author Spotlight: Amanda Bouchet

Amanda Bouchet is an author to watch out for, as her series, 'The Kingmaker Chronicles', features everything you could ever hope for in the fantasy romance genre.

Author Spotlight: Rebecca Solnit

Author Spotlight: Rebecca Solnit

On how, time and time again, Solnit manages to pierce the current cloud of fear, anxiety, and cynicism with the most motivating insight and curiosity.

junot diaz author spotlight

Author Spotlight: Junot Díaz

Junot Díaz's work transcends language and space. It is lush with the diasporic experience and the lush cadence of New Jersey Spanglish.

Author Spotlight: Zadie Smith

A guide to Zadie Smith's vast collection of constantly creative and timelessly relevant writing, from books to essays.