Felicia Day Lands a Major Role in the Upcoming Season of ‘The Magicians’

Casting for Poppy has finally been revealed.

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Following her success on other fantasy and science fiction shows including Eureka and Supernatural, author and internet icon, Felicia Day is joining the cast of The Magicians.

Earlier today (November 7), Nerdist revealed that Day would be joining the upcoming third season of The Magicians as Poppy, a Brakebills graduate and dragonologist who plays a major role in Lev Grossman’s original trilogy.

As Sera Gamble and John McNamara have taken a few creative liberties with The Magicians, altering the plot and characters to fit television, fans have been speculating where the third season of the show is headed. The question of whether or not Poppy would be appearing in the show has been up in the air since the San Diego Comic Con reveal that a good portion of the season will take place on a ship named the Muntjac.

Felicia Day The Magicians Syfy
Eric Milner/SyFy

With the introduction of Poppy, things are continuing to look up for the third season of The Magicians. Magic is slowly dying, and the first image of Felicia Day as Poppy reveals that fans of the series might get a see the large scale quest to save Fillory in action. Keys, in particular, play a major role toward the end of Grossman’s trilogy and only time will tell if SyFy’s hit show is returning to the timeline that takes place in the books.

As season three of The Magicians is getting closer to becoming a reality, a number of questions may arise for those who have read the books. Where will Poppy come in now that Josh is in Fillory? What role is Alice going to play now that she is back? And, how soon will we see the Muntjac?

Are you excited for the return of The Magicians?

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