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Yes. We are affiliated with a number of different retailers and booksellers whose ads we display on Paperback Paris, including Amazon, Book Depository, Book of the Month Club and BetterWorldBooks.

The following disclaimer is always placed within posts containing Paperback Paris affiliate links:

This post contains affiliate links and Paperback Paris will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on our links.

If you are interested in teaming with Paperback Paris for affiliated, sponsored or collaborative content, please click here.

This is a tricky one… It depends on the pitch and whether it aligns with Paperback Paris as a brand. We are open to collaborating with publishers, publicists, bookish content creators alike for promotional purposes for an agreed upon commission.

You can contact us via e-mail or form to inquire more about sponsored content at Paperback Paris.


All submissions are subject to edits and revisions in order to improve an article’s readability or sharpen its tone, but never to compromise the author’s integrity or opinions.

Tasteless, inflammatory language; discriminatory and hateful rhetoric; and content that promotes an otherwise divisive agenda will be nixed from final drafts.

Sadly, positions at Paperback Paris are unpaid at this time.

However, we compensate our contributors with free advance reading copies of their choosing from an inventory of approximately 200 forthcoming titles (and counting) each month.

Work that has been pitched, accepted and submitted to us are guaranteed for publication. However, writers will be expected to revise, edit or conform their work to meet writing standards and style guidelines set forth by Paperback Paris.

Yes, positions at Paperback Paris can certainly be flexible with your schedule. We understand that our writers have lives outside of writing, reading and so in that regard, we respect giving our writers as much comfortability as possible.

However, it is a mandatory requirement that all of our contributors meet quotas pertaining to the position for which they’ve been considered. You can learn more about this on our Write for Us page.

Yes, we do! Please e-mail us about guest features.

We never delegate book reviews. Any review written by our team of writers, contributors, and editors are always hand-selected. However, our review policy denotes the prospect of Paperback Paris providing reviews in exchange for advance reading copies of certain books. But even that is not guaranteed.


Paperback Paris has social media channels on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

Yes, check out our ARC/DRC review policy for more information on this topic.


Traditionally, Paperback Paris will often use pictures within posts/articles but purely for representational purposes in order to accompany or illustrate written content on the website.

We do not, however, include images without proper source attribution. And under no circumstances are our intentions to claim ownership of assets used that has not been curated by Paperback Paris independently.

If you or someone you know believes Paperback Paris has infringed on copyrighted content or assets, please reach out to us immediately. For more copyright information, visit here.


Paperback Paris is made up of a collective of writers from different walks of life, of different personalities and interests. With that being said, there is not one specific genre we cover more exclusively than others.

To get a better idea of what we read, you can always take a look at our book reviews to see which titles we’ve covered in the past.

To answer your first question, we certainly hope so!

As a community of book lovers, we aim to provide content for those who enjoy reading books, book news, book reviews and other bookish things such as to be read (TBR) lists and book of the month picks.

Signs Paperback Paris is the blog for you:

  • You enjoy reading books, discussing books with friends, and starting book conversations with new people.
  • You like reading honest, unbiased book reviews with an accidentally-humorous tang about books you’ve read or wanted to read.
  • You more or less hate your job; the girl that (always) gets the boy you like (or vice-versa); the ever-revolving responsibilities of adulting; and the only thing that seems to calm you is a good book to immerse yourself in whenever you need a break from that reality.

If this sounds like you, especially that last part, then it might interest you to write for us as well.

Signs Paperback Paris is not the blog for you:

  • You are literally the opposite of mostly everything listed above.
  • You take book conversations too seriously, so much so that you’re prone to say disheartening or blatantly offensive things to anyone who shares an opinion different than your own.
  • You’re a bully, in which case, please leave now.

If this sounds like you, you can’t sit with us.

This is a judgment-free zone: We have a zero tolerance for bullies and those who cannot differentiate opinions from general a-hole behavior. Even though we are very serious about all those things, it’s important to note that we do value variety and debate, but given today’s climate, this is the last place where being a douche will be tolerated. Play nice, have fun and enjoy the community.

Ideally, we like to post new content every weekday at 12 PM EST. Though rare, we sometimes post on weekends.

You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and eventually on Instagram (so stay tuned!)

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