Gillian Flynn Crushes Hearts With Bittersweet ‘Sharp Objects’ Premiere Date—305 Days Away

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Patience truly is a virtue for the queen of suspense.

Gillian Flynn, of Gone Girl and Dark Places recognition, has finally revealed the premiere date for the much-awaited adaptation of her 2006 debut crime thriller, Sharp Objects. Sadly, the series won’t be appearing on HBO as soon as we had initially hoped.

In accordance with a tweet posted by the author herself, the 8-episode drama led by Amy Adams (Arrival) will not see the light of day until June 2018. Yes, you heard us correctly. (Allow me to compute that for you: that is approximately 305 days away from now.)

See the heartbreaking evidence, below.

At work on a host of other projects, including screenwriting Steve McQueen‘s 2018 heist thriller Widows and a retelling of Shakespeare‘s Hamlet as part of the ongoing Hogarth Shakespeare series, Flynn has wasted no time keeping herself occupied. Despite feeding us only bits and pieces of what’s next to come from the Missouri native, it’s a delight to know that the author will be making double the impression during her 2018 reintroduction.

Of course, though, I am a bit saddened by the news because I’ve been waiting (and waiting) for something from this woman since I read The Grownup almost two years ago. Well, on the bright side, at least it gives me the time I’ll need to re-read Sharp Objects. I’m certain my feelings on the book’s pacing and flow will remain the same, however, but who knows? This new adaptation may well ignite my interest in going through Flynn’s canon one more time.

‘Sharp Objects’: Who’s In It + What We Know (So Far)”

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Since Gillian Flynn insists on playing with our goddamn emotions by delaying her next novel for what feels like eons (possibly, till I’m 30), I guess we should take some time out to discuss Sharp Objects.

As you know, I’ve been smitten with most all of Flynn’s work. So you can imagine my level of excitement at hearing yet another one of her novels would make its way to the screen—both Gone Girl and Dark Places were made into exceptional films in 2014 and 2015. And now her debut novel is getting transformed by HBO.

Back in 2014, The Hollywood Reporter was first to break the news about Flynn’s 2006 debut novel being taken under the wings of production companies Blumhouse Productions and Entertainment One for an eight-episode drama series on HBO. Earlier this year it was revealed that writer-producer Marti Noxon (UnREAL) was the one who presented the proposal to reroute the book for television instead of its initial silver screen rewrite. As for directorial duties, Jean-Marc Vallee (Dallas Buyers Club) will act as the helmer.

Last February, Variety reported that the show found its lead in Arrival favorite Amy Adams, who will embody protagonist Camille Preaker, a female reporter who’s released from the psych ward from which she was admitted for extreme cutting after her sister’s passing. Upon her discharge, she’s assigned to cover the murder of two girls from her native Wind Gap, Missouri—a fictive town which some suspect has real origins in Missouri. Tormented by visions of self-harm among other violent impulses, Camille is made to confront psychological terrors, both past, and present, which have troubled her since Marian’s death.

I’ve had my misgivings about Flynn’s books in the past: Sharp Objects just so happens to fall in the middle of the totem pole of greatness. However, I can honestly attest that out of all her books, Sharp Objects was the least predictable. Unlike the sheer and annoying stupidity in Dark Places and the excessive crassness in Gone Girl (and The Grownup), I couldn’t quite compartmentalize Sharp Objects into just one category.

Don’t get me wrong, this book is just as disturbing as its descendants, but I think it was by far the best mystery of the bunch. Plot-wise, however? I wasn’t really digging it. I felt like the book drew too much attention to “sharp objects” and it really annoyed me to hear Camille repeat the carvings she made on herself. As much as I champion books over their adaptations, I wouldn’t be bothered if they cut that bit down in the series.

It’s been so long since I’ve read Flynn (three years, to be exact), I hardly remember what happened in Sharp Objects. Which means I should probably read the story again before its premiere!

While news concerning the Sharp Objects cast has been stifled for nearly a year after word got out on Adams’ inclusion, that’s changed in recent weeks. As usual, with thanks to Deadline, we now have a full cutout of what the cast will look like!

As far as we know, the following actors will star in recurring roles in the HBO-adapted miniseries

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