Gillian Flynn’s Casual Twitter Entry Is Really Fucking Me Up Right Now

gillian flynn joins twitterE. Jason Wambsgans for Chicago Tribune

After two years of withdrawal, Gillian Flynn has resurfaced. Alive!

I was simply minding my own business when I thought, “Hmm… I wonder what Gillian Flynn is up to right now?” Now, if you happened to read my diatribe from earlier this year concerning the state of our dear literary friend’s unsolicited hiatus — and the theory surrounding her rumored death — I was merely joking, taking a shot in the dark per say.Never would I have presumed a random Twitter search of “Gillian Flynn” to pull up an actual account belonging to Flynn herself.

After typing “Gillian Flynn” into Twitter’s search engine, I honestly wasn’t expecting anything more than a series of dummy accounts than an actual one belonging to the real Gillian Flynn herself. But that wasn’t the case here. You guys, to say I nearly peed myself with excitement is literally an understatement.

On April 10, 2017, at exactly 5:26 p.m., Flynn bestowed 123 fans (and counting) with her first official tweet:

First off, let’s dissect this Tweet and Flynn’s blatant obliviousness to the shattering impact of her resurgence. “This is my first tweet. Like me!” As if we had a choice other than to like her! For Christ’s sake, lady, we admire you, don’t you understand! How is she so casual and so fucking cool about leaving us hanging over the years. Nevertheless, I can’t help but find a warm spot in my heart for ol’ Gilly despite the neglect she’s been showing us…for the past two years.

Maybe you think I am creepy for saying this, but if you don’t quite understand my fascination with Flynn, just know I’ve read all of her works — Sharp Objects, Dark Places, Gone Girl, and yes, even the morsel of a story that was 2015’s The Grownup — and have been more or less impatiently waiting for her return to literature. Aside from being a fabulous writer, she’s an even busier mother with a life and responsibilities that may or may not including quelling my hunger for another book.

I’m not even kidding when I say my day was made one of my happiest ever this year after finding Gilly on Twitter. I AM ECSTATIC! Hopefully, this means we’ll be briefed on all the events with Flynn and her current undertakings with HBO‘s Sharp Objects miniseries with Amy Adams (also predicted to release this year, and the only account she’s followed since her return beeteedubs), as well as her work with her modern retelling of Hamlet for Hogarth Shakespeare (expected in 2021, LIKE WTF?!).

With that being said, I will be stalking this account every single day. Notification gang, where you at?

If you’re reading this, Gilly, your presence has been sorely missed over the years. And if you love us as much as we love you and your work, please don’t put us through that again.

How excited are you about Gillian Flynn’s return?

Share your sob stories in the comments below, we have tissues!

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