Some Asshole Has Stolen J.K. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ Prequel

harry potter prequel stolen jk rowling responds

There’s a thief on the loose in Hogwarts.

As of yesterday (May 12), J.K. Rowling‘s hand-written Harry Potter prequel has been reported stolen.

In 2008, Rowling scripted an exclusive 800-word prequel to her coveted Harry Potter on a postcard, which prefaces the series three years before Harry was born with the escapades of Harry’s father, James Potter, and godfather Sirius Black in their teenage years. Met with the opposition of two muggle police officers, the pair is pursued in a motorcycle chase until they escape on broomsticks.

harry potter 800 short story prequel stolen
Joel Ryan for PA Wire

In the same year, Rowling auctioned off the coveted memorabilia at London auction house Sotheby to raise money for literacy efforts. The prequel would end up selling for 25,000 pounds (equivalent to $32,000) but has since been appraised for an estimated $77,000, reported Screen Rant.

According to the BBC, several items of jewelry were stolen along with the manuscript from a home in Birmingham, England. Since the burglary, Rowling herself has tapped the West Midlands Police Department and even implored the help of her Twitter following to track down the priceless keepsake.

As of late, the investigation is ongoing.

What do you think of this madness, Harry Potter fans?

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