Netflix Acquires Iain Reid’s ‘I’m Thinking of Ending Things’ for Film

Another page-turner headed for the small screen.

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Iain Reid‘s debut novel I’m Thinking of Ending Things is being adapted for a Netflix film.

On Thursday (January 25), The Hollywood Reporter learned that American screenwriter and Oscar-winning director Charlie Kaufman has signed on to draft and direct the film adaptation of Reid’s debut novel for Netflix under the banner Likely Story.

The novel, which quickly became an international sensation upon its release in 2016, concerns Jake and his girlfriend’s journey to a secluded farm until their road trip takes an sudden and unexpected detour for the worst, leaving her deserted and Jake on the fringes of madness.

According to the report, Enough Said‘s Stefanie Azpiazu will produce the flick, with Reid on board as co-producer.

Although Reid’s novel has received mixed reviews from Goodreads critics, it was one of the books I considered picking up from Barnes & Noble a long time ago. The synopsis, for whatever peculiar reason, reminded me so much of a film I watched recently called Nocturnal Animals, the film adaptation based on Austin Wright‘s 1993 psych-thriller Tony and Susan. The plot-twist elements in the description alone make it an intriguing concept, but I think it could fare well on the screen.

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