Inkshares Opens Second-Annual Horror Novel Contest: Here’s When + How to Enter!

Here's the 411 on Inkshares' 2018 Horror Novel Contest.

Inkshares 2018 Horror Novel Contest How To Enter Deadlines

Attention, thriller seekers! Inkshares’ second-annual Horror Novel Contest is underway!

The spooktastic literary competition, which judges some of the scariest horror manuscripts every year, will see at least three lucky novelists be selected for publication and rights management. To help spread the word, Paperback Paris has provided more details regarding the yearly contest, open now through December 14, and how and when aspiring writers should enter.

Scroll down to learn more about Inkshares and the 2018 Horror Novel Contest, below.

The following information was provided by the Inkshares website.

ABOUT INKSHARES: Over the last two years, Inkshares has cemented its position as a marquee publisher in speculative fiction and horror. Just last year, Kill Creek was selected by the American Library Association’s advisory committee as the horror book of the year, shortlisted for the Bram Stoker, termed “the horror debut of 2017” by Barnes & Noble, and is in development for television at Showtime. This year, Inkshares released Christopher Huang’s A Gentleman’s Murder, which received a starred review from Publishers Weekly and is in development for television at Endeavor Content with the former heads of HBO and Showtime. Both novels have been licensed by the major houses in foreign territories alongside significant five-figure advances.

ABOUT THE HORROR NOVEL CONTEST: When we started Inkshares a few years ago, we talked about what we were going to do. We were going to build a literary platform that would surface the next generation of storytellers. We were going to publish novels to popular and critical acclaim. We were going to see those novels translated into film and television.

A few years later, we’re able to tell aspiring authors not just about what we were going to do but what we’ve actually done. And as this October kicks off our new horror novel contest, it’s particularly exciting to be able to share just a couple of the successes we’ve had in that genre over the past year.

HOW CAN I ENTER THE HORROR NOVEL CONTEST? Any writer with a manuscript (partial or finished) that falls under the horror genre can enter the contest by first creating a draft project on Inkshares, which includes your pitch, logline, working title, and genre. If you aren’t familiar with any of these requested elements, the website will walk you through the process.

Once you click the “Submit Your Story” button, it will be live and shareable on From that point you can easily upload chapters for potential readers, as well as craft an “About” page where you can introduce yourself and your project. When you’re ready, you can hit the “Start Selling Pre-Orders” button at the top right of your project page, which will automatically enter you into the contest—just make sure that you’ve selected “horror” as the genre of your project. You can begin interacting with the community and building a following on Inkshares.

The contest officially started on October 8, 2018, and only projects that begin selling pre-orders on or after that date within the horror genre will be eligible for the contest.

WHEN IS THE DEADLINE? Submissions are open until 12:00 p.m. PST on December 14, 2018.

HOW ARE THE WINNERS FOR THE CONTEST DECIDED? Projects will be selected on both the basis of unique pre-orders and by independent evaluation by Inkshares. At that time, the top three projects as determined by the highest unique reader pre-order counts (as long as they have a minimum of 250 unique readers) will remain on the contest leaderboard in first, second, and third place. Inkshares will evaluate all submissions for publishing and representation, even if they haven’t sold any pre-orders.

Each selection will receive the same editorial, production, distribution, and marketing support as any Inkshares project, including distribution into independent bookstores as well as Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble. Each project will also receive representation in foreign rights as well as film and television.

Listen to author Scott Thomas, whose Bram Stoker-shortlisted debut horror Kill Creek published from Inkshares last year, speak briefly on the contest and the scary genre in the video interview below.

Learn more about the 2018 Horror Novel Contest here

Good luck to those who enter!
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