Lauren Groff’s Next Short Story Collection ‘Florida’ Is as Ferocious as Its Cover

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June 5 couldn't come soon enough.

Famed author and short story writer Lauren Groff plants her roots in Florida, an expected collection of fiction slated for Summer 2018 that will tour readers through the dark side of the Sunshine State through the lens of mostly disheveled female protagonists.

During an interview with the New Yorker over the summer, Groff stated that her newest collection would be “a portrait of my own incredible ambivalence about the state where I’ve lived for twelve years.” Filled with familiar stories like “Dogs Go Wolf,” “The Midnight Zone” and “Ghosts and Empties,” the latest addition to the novelist is sure to go over well with her fans.

In a recent talk with Isabella Biedenharn for Entertainment Weekly (November 14), the Fates and Furies author, a New Yorker at heart, described the inspiration behind her latest anthology as a prickling examination of Florida’s own whimsical atmosphere. When asked to compare the differences of perspective between transplants and natives, Groff provided an account of her own.

“It’s funny that you ask that because I just went for a run, and I was on the bike path, and just out of nowhere a little coral snake went right in front of my feet. I will never not be surprised by reptiles. I’m astonished by them. But also, the plant life is really different. I spend my summers in New Hampshire, where there is, in the spring, this bursting out of the ground because everything’s just really happy to be alive. But here in Florida, it’s this strange and constant cycling of flowers and plants that are always… they always seem a little bit prickly. Like the palmettos are a little sharp. The palms themselves have these berries that fall but they’re not edible, they just stain everything.

Everything seems a little bit dangerous in an interesting way. And everything’s very hot. And it really has this profound emotional effect on people, which I think, if you’re raised here, you wouldn’t see. But it’s this shift between having to put up with the heat and sunshine, versus someone who spends most of the winter in the dark, huddled against the cold, and then comes out in spring and summer.”

Florida will be published by Riverhead Books on June 5, 2018.

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