Someone Created a Twitter Account That Generates Lena Dunham Apologies, and it’s Fucking Amazing

Better late than never.

Not That Kind of Girl writer and Girls showrunner Lena Dunham has been more or less a trending topic ever since she made yet another nefarious backhanded apology after sticking up for her Girls writer-friend Murray Miller, who, on November 20, was accused of sexually assaulting an actress named Aurora Perrineau.

The big deal? Dunham’s total disavowal of Perrineau’s accusation simply on the basis of personal friendships. Also to be noted: the actress-writer-apologist didn’t even care to acknowledge the very woman whose sexual assault claims she publically discredited in her since-deleted initial statement by name nor by her alleged assault, which, you know, was the entire fucking point.

ICYMI: Here’s the incriminating letter that christened the actress an Internet pariah in a matter of milliseconds.

What transpired next: a backfired apology of catastrophic proporations; a burn by nearly every media outlet (though most viciously by YouTuber Kat Blaque and author Zinzi Clemmons); and the birth of one of the best new things on Twitter this year, ever: a “Lena Dunham apology generator” via Twitter user Lena Dunham Apologizes (@lenadunhamapols).

Still not buying the hype?

Scroll down for some of their greatest hits Dunham may or may not be drafting up as we speak.

And finally…

Which Lena Dunham apology was your favorite?
Oh! Let us know which apology you think ill most likely make another headline!

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