Love Reconsidered, Phyllis J. Piano, Book Review

A story of significant loss and marital infidelity, and how the two can both break and mend families.

Love Considered Phyllis J Piano book review
Love Reconsidered
Phyllis J. Piano
Adult Fiction

When Aleen Riddick's marriage falls apart after her eighteen-year-old daughter, Sunny, loses her beloved boyfriend in a tragic accident, they look to the dead boy's father, grief-stricken Ted Hammand, to help them heal and redefine life. When shocking developments force them to confront those who deceived them, Aleen, Ted, and Sunny must decide if forgiveness will drive them back to the pain of the past or forward to a future of possibilities. Love Reconsidered is about families--their grief, guilt, compassion, love, forgiveness, and hope.

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Phyllis J. Piano‘s Love Reconsidered looks at how tragedy and betrayal shared between two families can bring people together in unexpected ways.

From the beginning, Aleen Riddick’s marriage starts to unravel when her husband confesses to her that he is in love with another woman. Aleen knows who that woman is because it is the mother of her 18-year-old daughter Sunny’s boyfriend, Stu. When Stu finds out his mom is in love with his girlfriend’s father, he leaves the house in anger and that is the last anyone ever sees of him. In the wake of this, we learn Stu suddenly dies in a tragic motorcycle accident.

That magical time with Stu was over. She had relived that afternoon so often it almost felt as if he were actually touching her.

Every time she recalled that memory, she hoped the accident had only been a bad dream and Stu was still alive, next to her, holding her.

But the ending was always the same.

“Why? Why? Why?” Sunny screamed, but no one was home to hear the anguish and regret in her voice.

—excerpt from Phyllis J. Piano’s Love Reconsidered

Now Aleen and her daughter are left to pick up the pieces of their lives, mourning over loss with Stu’s father, Ted; despite their conflicts, the family members bond over this great pain as it’s something they all share in common — not to mention, the dissolution of their marriages. All three of these characters are left to grapple with the fact that their lives will never be the same after what has transpired, leaving them to figure out how life is going to be like for them in the future without Stu and their significant others by their side.

Together, Aleen, Sunny, and Ted are able to survive their grieves and betrayals by learning to keep love, forgiveness, and hope in their hearts. They all lean on each other when times become unbearable and this helps them move on with their lives.

I would recommend Love Reconsidered to anyone who loves a story full of drama and touches on difficult and tender issues like death and infidelity. Piano brings all the tension and excitement with Ted and Aleen trying to get over their respective heartbreaks and failed marriages. And there is also plenty of emotion with Sunny trying to get over losing her boyfriend. In all, Piano does a fabulous job bringing her characters to life in the face of such dire circumstances.

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