Life is Warped: Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam Trilogy to Hit Small Screen via Paramount Television

Paramount TV calls dibs on Atwood's cherished trilogy.

Margaret Atwood Maddaddam Trilogy TV Show

Margaret Atwood.

First, it was The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu) last spring, then Netflix reimagined Alias Grace for a miniseries in Summer 2017, and now it Paramount Television is calling dibs on a small screen adaptation of the author’s cult-followed MaddAddam trilogy, Deadline confirmed Wednesday (January 24).

According to reports, Anonymous Content and Paramount are coming together to bring Atwood’s science fiction trilogy to life for a television series makeover. Based on the writer’s best-selling series — comprised of Oryx and CrakeThe Year of the Floodand MaddAddam — the postapocalyptic story follows a scanty group of survivors wishing to repopulate the planet after a global pandemic nearly annihilates all of mankind.

“These stories are perfectly suited for portrayal on television and we are thrilled to once again bring a literary masterpiece to life with our partners at Anonymous Content, Angus Wall, and Rock Paper Scissors Entertainment,” Paramount TV President Amy Powell said in regards to the future project.

No details with regards to the series’ premiere date, casting or filming developments have been revealed.

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