10 New Young Adult Novels That Will Give You All the Feels This December

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These 10 books are sure to give you all the feels this winter.

The young adult category is one of my favorites to read. There are so many different genres in YA to choose from: fantasy, contemporary, romance, dystopian and even horror.  Some of these books have developed into classics like The Hunger Games, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Fault in Our Stars. (All favorites of mine!)

So, to help satisfy your addiction for young adult and young contemporary reads, I’ve put together yet another list of fabulous books you should read in our monthly YA Wrap-Up!

This month is all about the romance side of young adult novels. Let’s just say, I’m thinking these December reads will bring all the feels into everyone’s home. (Also, it goes without saying that these books would each make a great present for a friend or loved one this holiday!)

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1. Julia Durango and Tyler Terrones, Here, There, Everywhere

Zeus has moved from Chicago to a tiny town and thinks this could be the worst possible summer for him. But then he meets Rose, and it is electric. Zeus cannot stop counting down to when he will be able to see and hangout with her, but Rose is counting down the minutes until she can leave the tiny town and go after her dreams. Zeus now has to convince her that what they have is the real thing. Can he do it? or will their love fizzle out?

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