10 New Young Adult Books (You’ll Be Dying) to Get Your Hands on This Month

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Where all my YA lovers at?!

The young adult category is one of my favorites to read. There are so many different genres in YA to choose from: fantasy, contemporary, romance, dystopian and even horror.Β  Some of these books have developed into classics like The Hunger Games, The Perks of Being a Wallflower andΒ The Fault in Our Stars. (All favorites of mine!)

So, to help satisfy your addiction for young adult and young contemporary reads, I’ve put together yet another list of fabulous books you should read in our monthly YA Wrap-Up!

Every month there always seems to be a variety of young adult novels to choose from, and this month proves no different. From dystopians, a continuation of a beloved series, contemporaries, and works that may even scare the heck out of you! These are the new books to check out in our YA Wrap-Up!

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1. Renegades, Marissa Meyer

Meyer is back again with a powerful series about humans with amazing abilities. These humans had to reconstruct a society that was falling apart, and they needed to create peace within. But the Renegades overthrew the villains in the process and they are out for vengeance.

The main two characters are Nova and Adrian, who do not believe in the same thing regarding the new society. Nova hates the Renegades and Adrian is one and he respects all that they stand for. But when these two meet, they form a special bond. Nova though is connected to a villain that could ruin both of them. Are Nova and Adrian going to make it through this, or will they be separated forever from this villain?

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