10 Young Adult Novels That You Won’t be Able to Put Down This January

With a mixture of genres, January's YA lineup is sure to please everyone.

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The young adult category is one of my favorites to read. There are so many different genres in YA to choose from: fantasy, contemporary, romance, dystopian and even horror.Β  Some of these books have developed into classics like The Hunger Games, The Perks of Being a Wallflower andΒ The Fault in Our Stars. (All favorites of mine!)

So, to help satisfy your addiction for young adult and young contemporary reads, I’ve put together yet another list of fabulous books you should read in our monthly YA Wrap-Up!

January’s new release lineup is going to be a mix of young adult novels ranging from dystopian to mystery to romance. With a variety of different options, these new releases are sure to please everyone.

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1. Together at Midnight, Jennifer Castle

Kendall and Max both witness a tragic event happen in New York City during the holidays. After seeing this, they both decide to do random acts of kindness to pay it forward. This challenge brings these two teens closer than ever, but will they be together on New Year’s Eve or will they only stay friends?

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