Our Review Policy

Learn how to submit and request a book review from our team.

We always thrilled to work with publishers, publicists, agencies and authors to help promote forthcoming releases and other backlist titles. If we do accept your request, however, we prefer to receive them in physical form in the manner of either an advance reading copy or finished edition. In exchange, one of our contributors will provide an honest review to be published at Paperback Paris, as well as our social channels (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Goodreads).

Formats we like:
  • Advanced reading copy (ARC)
  • Finished physical copies
*Digital reading copies (DRC) are accepted but not preferred.
Genres we prefer:

As to be expected, we keep an open mind when considering titles for review, though we are admittedly picky about certain genres. We have an inclination for works of fiction, science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, thriller and suspense, nonfiction (of the memoir and biographical kind), and young adult literature happen to be our more popular genres. Although we don’t illustrate a large interest in romance, graphic novels and other types of literature, it never hurts to pitch.

How we write our reviews:

We take pride in giving honest, fastidious reviews as well as feedback as a courtesy to our audience and the Paperback Paris team who trust us to give unbiased commentary. Unfortunately, due to the volume of requests we receive, reviews will not be written on a time-constrictive basis. Typically, however, a review can take up to two (2) weeks before it sees publication at Paperback Paris. Please keep in mind that review requests are always considered but not guaranteed for approval.

Only for considerable circumstances will a review be suspended for more than our two-week minimum. (ex. a forthcoming title may not release until months later, in which case we will postpone publishing a review either two weeks prior to its intended publishing date or an agreed upon date between the author/publisher and Paperback Paris) If necessary, we will notify all contacts when the review has gone live.

With that being said, here’s our promise to you:

  • One 400-word minimum book review provided with extensive commentary, and unbiased critiques.
  • An informative book blurb or synopsis courtesy of publisher’s request or otherwise (ex. Goodreads, Barnes & Noble etc.)
  • Provided links to the book’s place of purchase, publishing house, author’s website, and any other supplemental outlets per request.
**Once the review is published, we will notify the respective publishing house(s), author(s), and contacts via e-mail.*
How to submit your book(s) to us:

The best way to reach us is by filling out the form, below. Otherwise, please direct multiple review requests via e-mail: staff.paperbackparis@gmail.com

*Paperback Paris will honor every review request for consideration though we do not guarantee approvals.

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The best way of submitting physical or digital advance reading copies to us in exchange for a possible review is by filling out the form below.

Please limit one title per request form. Be aware that e-mail inquiries may take upwards of seven (7) days before a response from our staff.
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