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Late last year, Worldbuilders, a charity organization run by Patrick Rothfuss, raised more than two million dollars during their annual fundraiser. In addition to offering readers and fans the opportunity to win a number of rare and signed books—not to mention cool fantasy and sci-fi related merchandise in exchange for donations— Rothfuss set up a number of stretch goals or “donation incentives.”

For fans of Rothfuss’ work, there were two stretch goals in particular that had to be reached. When the fundraiser hit $900,000, Rothfuss offered to do a pronunciation guide for names and words in the Kingkiller Chronicle series. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, as it offered a more detailed look into the world Rothfuss created, it was later announced that if the fundraiser hit $2 million, he would do a Q&A on the third book in the Kingkiller Chronicle series, The Doors of Stone.

In case you haven’t the time to sit through Rothfuss’ entire Q&A, here’s a breakdown of some of the mo critical bits of the session. Thanks to his devoted fans, however, there’s a list of time-stamped questions/answers included in the comments to save you some more time. Furthermore, TOR released an article in Q&A format that briefly addresses the topics mentioned in his original live stream.

For everyone wondering, No, Rothfuss does not reveal a release date for The Doors of Stone. Anyone who has followed him during a book release knows better than to ask about a potential release date. Why? He would tell everyone as soon as possible; he would hint at it and then an exciting blog post would follow soon after. He’s not lying when he says that the book isn’t ready yet. A large portion of the Q&A is actually focused on the production of the third book and it’s worth noting that the writing process takes time.

As much as we all want the third book in the series to be released sooner than later, Rothfuss has a lot going on. If you have watched his live streams on Twitch at all, or have taken a look at his blog over the years, you will know that he lives a busy life. Just like everyone else.

In addition to having two small children, Rothfuss has been working on the third book, visiting Hollywood to work on the upcoming television and movie adaptations of the Kingkiller world, and dealing with mental health issues, which he recently addressed with Geek and Sundry last month. Sure, he might be doing better now, but anyone who has written anything knows that writing isn’t easy, especially when you have other things to worry about.

My personal suggestion to eager fans: instead of asking about the third book in the series, take the time to enjoy the books that you have; enjoy how open and interactive Rothfuss is with his fans. As someone who has been following Rothfuss from the very beginning, trust me when I say that I want the sequel just as bad as you do, but it takes time.

Rothfuss is a perfectionist. He wants to meet the expectations of his fans, and will only release the third novel when he feels like it’s up to good standards. From one anxious fan to another, please stop giving him a hard time about book three. Trust me, I know you are excited and that you want to know what will happen to Kvothe. Asking questions is fine, but the amount of comments and complaints that I see on the internet about the release date is ridiculous. Long story short: when there is a release date, Rothfuss will announce it.

However, that doesn’t mean that the Q&A concentrates solely on this topic. It doesn’t at all. Rothfuss does his best to explain the writing process and the state of book three and he gives fans some information about the upcoming book (there’s only so much you can do in a spoiler-free Q&A).

Here’s what we do know about The Doors of Stone

  • It will not be longer than the second book in the series, The Wise Man’s Fear. It will probably be about the same length—994 pages.
  • Not every question will be answered. Many things will be answered, but every question that you have about the series will not. The best books have mysteries, and according to Rothfuss, “The mark of a good story is having unanswered questions.”
  • There will be more than three places in the world of Temerant that we haven’t seen before.
  • Obviously, we will learn more about some of the characters in the book, as Kvothe will continue to interact with them at the University; they are his friends (Simmon, Wilem, Fela, etc.).
  • Although this has been mentioned a number of times previously, while The Doors of Stone will finish this arc of the story, there will be other stories that are based in the world of Temerant.
  • Book three is not finished. In fact, it is being re-worked. Rothfuss is altering chapters and moving pieces of the book around for a better fit. There are “different levels of doneness” and he is working towards making sure that all of the pieces of the book fit together properly.

    How about the upcoming television and movie adaptations?

  • Other than The Wrap’s announcement last year that Lin-Manuel Miranda will be the creative producer of the film and television adaptations of Rothfuss’ books, not much is known about the upcoming adaptations.
  • Rothfuss will not have much of a say in the casting. He is not a casting director and does not feel that he should be. However, he will have some influence.
  • Rothfuss has recently been very involved in the production process. He has been making trips to Hollywood and working with the production teams, a process that he has been enjoying so far.

Other announcements – merchandise and an upcoming anniversary?

  • A weapon that Kvothe obtains in Wise Man’s Fear, Caesura, is being replicated and will be sold by the Four Corners Forge. Rothfuss shared a beautiful prototype during the Q&A. It is currently available for pre-order and the first run will be limited.
  • As of 2017, Rothfuss’ first novel in the Kingkiller Chronicle series, The Name of the Wind, has been out for 10 years. As this year is the 10th anniversary of the novel’s release, he was approached about releasing a 10th anniversary edition of The Name of the Wind!

Here’s what we know about the 10th anniversary edition:

  • Very small changes to the text will be made. (small errors that went unnoticed, etc.)
  • There will be an extended author’s note, as well as appendices on a number of topics, including the currency and calendar systems.
  • A pronunciation guide will be included.
  • There will be pictures! At least 20 images will be added to the novel, though Rothfuss is pushing for more.
  • There will be a special cover!
  • An updated map of Temerant.

As someone who collects special editions of books (and has a number of foreign and signed editions of Rothfuss’ books already), this announcement is wonderful news. The appendices will be a great addition to the book and the fact that there will be images and a new cover is mind-blowing. I can’t wait to see what the new edition will look like and will be picking up a copy (hopefully signed) as soon as a pre-order date is announced!

As if all of this information wasn’t enough, Rothfuss did an early pronunciation guide as a donation incentive as well. During a live stream on Twitch, while the Worldbuilders fundraiser was going on, Rothfuss read out a list of names from the novel. While some are rather obvious, I was extremely surprised at how a few things were pronounced, particularly Cealdish and Ctheah.

With all of this new information, I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for fans of Rothfuss’ work. While I’m not expecting an announcement on Doors of Stone anytime soon, I’m hoping more news about the upcoming adaptations will come out sometime this year. Even if that’s not the case, there’s always the 10th anniversary edition of The Name of the Wind to look forward to. I’m really looking forward to what Rothfuss and Worldbuilders have in store for us this year, as things are already looking great and it’s only February.

Are you excited for The Door of Stone?!

Tell us how you’re managing until Patrick Rothfuss’ third book to the Kingkiller Chronicle series releases!

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