Patrick Rothfuss Holds Fanmade ‘Kingkiller Chronicle’ T-Shirt Contest

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Every few years, Patrick Rothfuss holds an art contest, wherein artists are encouraged to submit designs to be used for T-shirts based on his series, The Kingkiller Chronicle, which includes The Name of the Wind, The Wise Man’s Fear, and a spin-off titled, The Slow Regard of Silent Things.

So far, there have been three T-shirt contests in total. The first occurred back in 2010 and was prompted largely by fans making their own shirts based on the world which Rothfuss created himself. At the end of the first contest, three shirts were chosen to be printed, with all proceeds going to Worldbuilders.

In fact, all of these designs, The Eolian Bar, Kingkiller and The Names Compilation can still be purchased over at the Rothfuss’ online shop, The Tinker’s Packs. (In fact, I still have my Kingkiller shirt from when these were first printed; I honestly can’t believe it was seven years ago.)

The second art contest took place in 2015, not only because the old T-shirt designs had been around for some time, but because Worldbuilders was running their second mid-season, summer fundraiser, Geeks Doing Good. (For those of you that don’t know, Rothfuss organizes two fundraisers a year; a long one in the winter, and a much shorter one in the summer).

It’s been two years since the last art contest, so this year, in preparation for the upcoming summer fundraiser for Worldbuilders, which starts on June 5, Rothfuss held another art contest. The top results for T-shirt designs (and baby onesies) are in, and you can vote for the design that you would most like to see on a shirt until Tuesday, May 30.

Check out some of the top designs from this year’s contest!

Patrick Rothfuss Blog
Patrick Rothfuss Blog
Patrick Rothfuss Blog
Patrick Rothfuss Blog

While it is only encouraged that you vote for your favorite design, if there is a chance you want to purchase a shirt then there are some beautiful designs to choose from. Even if you aren’t familiar with Rothfuss’ work (and if you aren’t, you should really give The Name of the Wind a try), a few of the designs on the author’s blog are pretty enough that you may want to buy one anyway.

So, in the case you are interested, head on over to Rothfuss’ blog and vote for your favorite.

Which T-Shirt design did you vote for?

Share some of your favorite designs with us in the comments below!

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