Patrick Rothfuss’ Geeks Doing Good Fundraiser Begins Today

patrick rothfuss geeks doing good fundraiser 2017 beginsPatrick Rothfuss

For the past few years, Patrick Rothfuss has been holding a summer fundraiser called Geeks Doing Good, which supports Worldbuilders, an organization that he founded back in 2008 to support charities such as Heifer International. This year’s Geeks Doing Good fundraiser starts today, June 5.

Although Rothfuss holds a much bigger fundraising event in the winter, the summer fundraiser, Geeks Doing Good, is a bit different. For starters, it’s only held for one week. Furthermore, it is a fundraising campaign which encourages people to buy things to support charity on the indiegogo platform. All year long, purchases in the Worldbuilders shop,

All year long, purchases in the Worldbuilders shop, The Tinker’s Packs, go toward charity, but during the Geeks Doing Good fundraiser, fans have a chance to purchase unique items before they become available in the online shop. Other items are limited, and can only be purchased during the event, however. Regardless, now is a great time to support a good cause and get your hands on some cool fantasy merchandise. Or, if, for some reason, you aren’t interested in any of the items available for you to physically obtain, you can donate money toward providing a family with an animal that will help them to become self-sufficient.

While you can take a look at what Geeks Doing Good as to offer over at Rothfuss’ blog, or the indiegogo campaign itself, here’s a quick rundown of a few of the things that you can purchase to support charity over the course of the next week:

Remember last week’s T-Shirt contest? Well, the results are in and fans can purchase the winning designs, including the Cthaeh and Questioning Hall T-Shirts, and The Moon onesie. There are also a few new T-Shirt designs that are from new contributors to the Tinker’s Packs, including Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, and Myke Cole.

Last year, Rothfuss launched a kickstarter campaign to create a board game based on a game that appears in The Wise Man’s Fear. The game, Tak, was a huge success and as a result, additional add-ons have been created that can be purchased during the summer fundraiser.

Last but not least, earlier this year Rothfuss held a live stream Q&A concerning the third book in his Kingkiller Chronicle series, where it was announced that a 10-year anniversary edition of The Name of the Wind would be released later this year. Not only was a release date announced for the latest edition of Rothfuss’ work (October 3), but you can pre-order a signed copy during the fundraiser!

We’re only a few hours into this year’s Geeks Doing Good event and Worldbuilders has already raised almost $17k. As the event only lasts for one week, now is a great time to head on over and check out what the fundraiser has to offer. It’s the perfect way to pick up a few unique items (not all of which are mentioned here) and support an amazing cause.

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