Patrick Rothfuss Announces Kickstarter for New Kingkiller Chronicle Cards

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Patrick Rothfuss just announced a new Kickstarter project featuring characters from his Kingkiller Chronicle series.

Featuring stunning illustrations by Echo Chernik, Rothfuss’ latest project was a year in the making and is a collaboration between author and artist. Deemed The Name of the Wind Art Deck, Rothfuss and Chernik have teamed up to bring characters from The Name of the Wind to life in gorgeous detail.

While a set of Name of the Wind playing cards already exists and was a part of an earlier fundraising campaign through Kickstarter, where Rothfuss teamed up with a small gaming company, Albino Dragon, the idea was not proposed by Rothfuss himself. While the last set of cards was absolutely wonderful and had a few amazing stretch goals including dice, poker sets based off of The Name of the Wind, and Felicia Day as Auri, the new Kickstarter is worthy of your time as well.

The latest deck of playing cards is incredibly unique. Not only are they full art, but each deck design features two decks that are completely customizable. As there are so many different versions of characters that appear throughout The Name of the Wind, Rothfuss and Chernik decided to design two decks that will be interchangeable.

We have two collections of decks created by Echo Chernik, each with not one, but two distinct decks that have matching back, but different face cards.

You can choose your favorite characters from each of the two matching decks and combine them to showcase your favorite characters, all while still having two complete, playable decks of cards.

The two collections, featuring the main and alternate decks are available in two varieties – Selas and Chandrian. Featuring a design of the Selas flower that appears in his novel, the Selas Collection will be available after the Kickstarter ends. The Chandrian Collection, however, is a limited Kickstarter only product that will feature a few differences including metallic ink and special jokers.

There are also a limited number of prints available, as well as a special guilded deck collection, signed by Rothfuss in UV ink.

As stretch goals are met, more artwork will be revealed, upgrades will be added to decks, and if enough money is made, wooden poker chips will be produced. The Kickstarter was launched this morning (August 15) and has already reached its goal of $25k, with a total of $110k raised (so far). The campaign will run until September 16, 2017, so make sure to check out Rothfuss’ latest collaboration before it’s too late.

What do you think about Rothfuss’ latest project? Will you be picking up the cards?

Share your thoughts on the new Kingkiller inspired art decks in the comments below!
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