Patrick Rothfuss Launches Two Week Long Fundraiser to Support Heifer International

It's time for geeks to do good (again)!

patrick rothfuss worldbuilders fundraiser 2018

Over the past 10 years, Patrick Rothfuss has made an effort to make the world a better place through Worldbuilders, a non-profit organization of his own creation. Through the collective power of authors, readers, and even Rothfuss himself, Worldbuilders has grown into an astounding geek-centered community that has raised over 8 million dollars across bi-annual fundraisers over a ten-year period.

As the community has grown, so too, have the ways in which donations can be made toward Heifer International, the charity that Worldbuilders supports year-round from proceeds from the Worldbuilder’s Marketplace, and during the end-of-year fundraiser.

The easiest way to get involved and do a bit of good is to donate toward goals for Heifer, who aims to provide impoverished families with sustainable tools to promote growth. For every $10 donated, you will be entered into the massive prize lottery which contains a plethora of prizes geared toward readers, writers, and geeks alike and ranges from games, graphic novels, and prints, to advance reading copies of works new and old, signed books, and even manuscript critiques.

For those looking to increase their chances of specific prizes, there are a few different options – auctions, and a concept introduced last year, team pages. Notable team pages include additional prize pools and incentives for Dungeons & Dragons, writing critiques, and Twitch broadcasts from Rothfuss himself. Auctions include a few notable prizes as well such as rare, signed books and the chance to choose a character name in upcoming works by authors such as Myke Cole, Laura Ann Gilman, Mary Robinette Kowal and more!

Since its official launch earlier this week (November 27), Worldbuilders has raised over $400,000 for Heifer International, quickly surpassing the fundraiser’s initial goal in a matter of days. As the biggest change to the annual event is the time frame, as the 2018 Worldbuilders end-of-year fundraiser will only be running for two weeks, now more than ever is a great time to offer support to a great cause, even if all you can do is spread the word.

This year, Rothfuss’ fundraising event runs from November 27 — December 11 and will feature a few exciting opportunities in addition to numerous donation incentives. Not only will Rothfuss be streaming and interacting with viewers for a few hours daily on Twitch, but on Reddit, the r/Fantasy community is supporting Worldbuilders by hosting over 40 authors who will be interacting with fans and sharing what support means to them.

To stay up to date with Worldbuilders and gain an understanding of what Heifer International, Rothfuss, and the amazing community of readers, writers and fans have accomplished, you can check out Twitter or The Daily Builder, a blog detailing this year’s events by day.

Will you be supporting Worldbuilders this year?

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