Antoni from ‘Queer Eye’ Slid Into Hanya Yanagihara’s DMs to Talk ‘A Little Life’

This may be the randomest, purest Internet friendship ever.

'Queer Eye' Star Bonds With Hanya Yanagihara Over 'A Little Life'

In a recent interview with Vulture, Antoni Porowski— resident food expert and self-described “hopeless romantic” of the Queer Eye reboot — revealed that he’s a huge fan of the novel A Little Life and its author, Hanya Yanagihara.

Apparently, the feeling is mutual.

After Porowski wore a graphic tee that referenced Yanagihara’s characters on an episode of Queer Eye, the author posted a screenshot on her Instagram. Like any fanboy, Porowski freaked out — and then decided to send her a message on Instagram, where the two began chatting.

“I probably tried to stay cooler than I was actually feeling because I burst into tears immediately,” Porowski told Vulture. “Her book has such an important place in my life. I thanked her and said, ‘I don’t really know what to say except I’m crying and thank you for posting about it and taking notice, and I hope you know that I wore the T-shirt with pride.’ And she wrote back saying, ‘The boys would be really proud of the work that you do on the show.'”

Yanagihara later sent him A Little Life tote bags with a handwritten note, which Porowski says is now hanging on this fridge. The friendship is made even sweeter by the fact that Porowski’s copy of A Little Life was actually signed by Yanagihara, long before they ever connected.

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“When I showed up at Three Lives, my favorite bookstore, and said, ‘I need another book to read, I kind of want A Little Life,’ the person who helped came back with it said, ‘Hang on. Hanya was here. She signed some of them and this one is special because there’s a happy face she signed with her initials, so I’ll let you have this one,'” said Porowski. “I immediately fell in love with the book.”

One question still stands: which of the book’s characters does Porowski identify with most?

Turns out that he sees himself a mix of Jude and Willem, the protagonist and his caretaker, saying: “I know they’re characters, but I think we all have a little bit of Jude and Willem inside of us.”

How sweet. Do you have any fond memories of your experience with A Little Life?
If so, please share them with us in the comments! (Who knows, maybe Hanya will see them!)
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