Paperback Paris Team: Our 2018 Reading Resolutions

What reading goals are you hoping to accomplish this year?

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The Paperback Paris team share some of the reading resolutions they’ve set for themselves in 2018. Whether it’s reading more often, perusing a new or unfamiliar genre, or vowing to read a certain amount of books this year, sharing reading goals with one another is a fun way to inspire and pass on reading wellness.

Be sure to check back in June when we’ll be giving our mid-year reflections!

Scroll down to see what reading goals we’re hoping to accomplish this year.

Paris Close, Editor-in-Chief

Paris Close Reading Resolutions 2018

I read 15 books last year. 15. If that isn’t symptomatic of a mega-reading slump then, honestly, show me another biblio who’s done worse and I’ll thank you.

Last year was rife with unsuspected terrors, like moving into your own place or losing longtime friends, and I’d be lying if I said I did not allow myself the time to mourn or grieve these sufferings. I tried using books as an escape mechanism but sleep and depression defeated me; this year will be different. I am at peace in a place of my own, I am writing and editing nearly every day, and after a much-needed release from being suffocated by books I knew I was only buying to quell my pain, I’ve purged more than 300 books in my collection and was made all the better for it.

I set a goal of reading a single book last year because I wasn’t interested in reading anything at all with everything that transpired. However, this year, as with every, I feel a lot more inspired to read and actually write about the books I loved and those I did not. This year, I will try to reach 50 books, the most I’ll have ever read in a single year; I want to read outside more and enjoy nature outside the boundaries of my apartment, and I want to touch base with more mysteries and suspense books, the very genre that made me fall in love with reading in the first place.

Melissa Ratcliff, Staff Writer

Melissa Ratcliff Reading Resolutions 2018

Due to multiple short-lived reading slumps throughout the year, I ended up falling behind on my 2017 reading goal, which was to read 60 books. I ended up being 12 or so books short, and while I originally thought that reading five books a month was a manageable feat, I ended up proving myself wrong (although a few of the books I ended up reading were more than twice the length of my normal reads).

In 2018, I have decided to cut back a bit and set my goal to 52 books. In the long run, I figured that reading one book a week was more reasonable. So far, I am ahead of the game and almost have my second book of the year completed.

At the very least, I am hoping to finally catch up on all of the books that I said I would read last year. Much like last year, I would also like to continue to branch out in terms of genre.

Jessica Duffield, Contributing Writer

Jessica Duffield Reading Resolutions 2018

My reading goals this year are to read 50-100 books this year. I really want to achieve this because I have too many books on my TBR pile. It is hard to finish this many books when I am at school, but by setting this goal it will help me become motivated to read all those books.

Leah Rodriguez, Contributing Writer

Leah Rodriguez Reading Resolutions 2018

It’s all about the classics and poetry this year. There are so many pieces of literature that are considered essential to the Western canon that I have not yet read. Because it’s winter and nothing feels particularly cheery these days, I’ll be reading Anne Bronte’s Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. I’ve heard one of her major themes is “men ain’t shit,” so what better way to start the year than with some Bronte shade? In addition to that, I plan to read a lot more poetry. When I get in the habit of reading prose, be it fiction or non-fiction, I have the tendency to fall into a kind of auto-pilot where I skim over the most beautiful parts of a text without really absorbing it. Some poets I’m looking forward to reading are Kaveh Akbar, Mary Karr, and Clint Smith.

I also resolve to have fewer distractions while reading. The latter half of 2017 was especially bad for me in terms of mind-wandering. Once I sit down to read I have to be in it for good. No daydreams. Of course, this easier said than done, but I’ve already found a pretty helpful remedy: When I feel like I’m getting distracted or losing steam, I imagine I’m reading out loud to someone. It’s a helpful tool…even if I look like a buffoon mouthing the words in public. Being a reader is a lot of give and take, what can I say.

What are your reading resolutions for 2018?

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FYI: Be sure to check back in June when we’ll be giving our mid-year reflections!

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