Our Review Policy

Paperback Paris Review PolicyWe are always interested in working with publishers, publicists, agencies, and authors to help promote forthcoming books and other backlist titles. However, due to the volume of requests we receive daily, we cannot guarantee every request will be honored with acceptance or will be met with a review within a certain amount of time, even if approved.

If we do accept your request, we prefer to receive them in both physical and digital form; this allows our reviewers to expedite reading for future release titles. If accepted, someone from our team will provide an honest review that will be published on the site and circulated across our social channels, which includes our Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads platforms.

Our preferred genres:

As aforementioned, we use our own discretion when accepting or declining titles for review. Our most popular genres of interest have been fiction, nonfiction, fantasy/sci-fi, mystery, young adult, and short story and essay collections.

We do not honor business, textbooks or any other works under the genre umbrella as they are often unsuitable for book reviews at Paperback Paris.

How we write our reviews:

Every reviewer is different, but we pride ourselves on providing honest, fastidious reviews, and reader-author feedback and commentary as a courtesy to our audience and those who entrust us with their work.

Paperback Paris does not provide reviews on a time-constrictive basis.

It is typical, however, to anticipate a book review for a future release titles within three (3) weeks before or after publication. (If your review request for a future release title was accepted but has yet been reviewed in the time frame above, please e-mail us directly.)

Again, please understand that while we honor all requests for consideration, they are not guaranteed for approval.

Given such circumstances, a book review may be suspended for more than our three-week minimum (ex. due to publishing conflicts in accordance to our editorial calendar), in which case, we will notify you directly.

Unless a request is courted directly by Paperback Paris, we do not abide by publishing deadlines for requested reviews.

A breakdown of what to expect from our requested book reviews:

  • One 250-word minimum book review provided with extensive commentary, and unbiased critiques.
  • An informative book blurb or synopsis courtesy of publisher’s request or otherwise (ex. Goodreads, Barnes & Noble etc.)
  • Provided links to the book’s place of purchase, publishing house, author’s website, and any other supplemental outlets per request.

Paperback Paris Review Policy

How can I submit a review request to Paperback Paris?

The best way to submit books for review consideration is by filling out our request form. Otherwise, direct any multiple review requests via e-mail.