Riley Sager’s ‘Final Girls’ Coming to Big Screen Via Universal Pictures

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The final girls are running for the silver screen.

The year really seems to be working out in Riley Sager‘s favor this year, with a debut thriller Final Girls skyrocketing to bestseller acclaim over the summer, a follow-up already down the pipeline, and now a movie adaptation in the works.

With so much success in such a short length of time, it’s only expected of Sager to share the excitement about Final Girls getting its big screen makeover with Universal Pictures. And he did: the man behind the pseudonym spilled the beans on Twitter once it was Deadline officialized its acquisition of the book following a recent bidding war.

Nicole Clemens of Anonymous Content, as well as Sugar23’s Ashley Zalta and Michael Sugar, will be producing the flick based on the book published by Dutton in July.

According to the source, the film will follow protagonist Quincy Carpenter, who survived her five cabinmates who were killed in a brutal, horror movie-like manner while on vacation at Pine Cottage 10 years prior.

No further news or information about filming or release dates have been revealed.

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