17 Short Story and Essay Collections to Backpack This Summer

17 short story essay collections to read this summer 2017Paperback Paris

Earlier this year, I hit you with a list of 10 short fiction collections for you to TBR, but 10 stories aren’t enough to cut the cake, now is it? So, in the spirit of Short Story Month (the month of May, beeteedubs), I thought it could be fun to give an even bigger list of stories to choose from.

Whether you’re headed to the beach, lounging on that new hammock you’ve been waiting to pull out or resting in the comforts of your comfy bed this summer, there’s always room to squeeze in a story or two throughout the day. So here they are, 17 (more) collections for such occasions.

Some of the synopses below were provided by Amazon and Goodreads.

1. Vampires in the Lemon Grove, Karen Russell

Captives become human silkworms; an amulet discovered in a bird’s nest becomes the medium by which the universe communicates with a depressed teenager; a crowd of bullies discovers a scarecrow-like cadaver that oddly matches the body of a former victim of theirs, and a masseuse understands she has healing abilities.

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