The Last Bookstore: A Literary Paradise Hidden Away in the Vaults of a Bank

From bank to literary wonderland, the Last Bookstore is a totally unique shopping experience

The Last Bookstore

The site of an old bank, The Last Bookstore is an institution in downtown L.A. It makes use of an expansive 22,000 square foot space, vaults included, to bring together a colossal collection of both new and used books.

The Last Bookstore has almost anything you can imagine among its 250,000 titles housed in their rooms and vaults, not including the large-scale art installations made out of upcycled books. This bookstore is, of course, a great place to find a new title, but it’s also something of an adventure.

If you’ve got an afternoon to spare head to the Labyrinth Above the Last Bookstore in the mezzanine and travel through the arch of hardback books to get lost in the maze of book shelves. Check out some of the uncommon titles that go for top dollar in the Arts & Rare Books Annex or any of their themed vaults. The space also houses a huge variety of records, graphic novels, and even an art gallery and yarn shop—Spring Arts Collective and Gather Yarn Shop.

The Last Bookstore is one of the world’s largest independent bookstores that offers bookworms a literary journey like no other. There is something here for everyone; whether you want a rare book for your collection, a new vinyl, or an afternoon adventure worthy of your Instagram The Last Bookstore is the place to be.

With more and more bookstores going out of business in favor of e-books and online giants like Amazon, it warms literary hearts around the world to see businesses like the Last Bookstore thriving. Quirky literary locations like this and so many others making use of unorthodox spaces to peddle novels are near and dear to the heart of the bibliophile community.

Where is your favorite local spot to spend an afternoon with a book?

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Rachel Gonzalez
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