A Sneak Peek at What’s to Come in Season 3 of ‘The Magicians’

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Earlier this year, following the success of the second season of The Magicians on Syfy, the fantasy adaptation based on Lev Grossman’s trilogy was renewed for a third season.

Chronicling Quentin Coldwater and his friends from Brakebills University, as they come to the realization that magic is slowly dying, the second season ended with a number of surprises. From Alice’s return to life and reunification with Quentin to the revelation that the gods of Fillory are responsible for the destruction of magic, the third series of The Magicians is set to continue following the timeline presented in Grossman’s novels.

While very little was known about the plot line of the third season, a recent panel at San Diego Comic Con provided fans with a sneak peek of what’s to come as the magicians come to terms with the fact that magic is dying. For many, magic was an escape—something that brought hope. Now that the future of magic is uncertain, it’s safe to say that many of the characters (Quentin and Eliot in particular) will begin to struggle emotionally as their ability to perform magic slowly deteriorates. SyFy Wire‘s recent Interviews with the cast have touched on the subject, hinting at drastic changes in character and an overall darker tone for the third season of the series.

Season 3 picks up ten days after the finale, where the only character able to use magic is Julia. Emotions are running high for all of the characters. Quentin is driven to move forward, while Alice is incredibly angry and full of secrets from her time as a niffin. Each and every character is focusing on their own thoughts and emotions in a world that is falling apart around them.

The next season will bring us back to Fillory, this time on the sea. All of the characters will be coming together in the end to collaborate on a quest. In a sneak peek from SyFy, the new set, a ship named the Muntjac, was revealed.

When paired with the loss of magic, the shift from Brakebills life to the Muntjac is a good sign for fans of the series, as it offers hope that the third season will bring us back to the magic that Grossman introduced in the original trilogy.

In the SyFy Wire interview, Olivia Taylor Dudley (Alice)  hinted that shooting for the third season began earlier in the summer. If the past seasons are any indication, fans can expect to see the next season of The Magicians early next year.

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