Victoria Schwab Signs $1M Partnership with Tor Books, Four New Books Coming by 2024

V.E. Schwab Signs $1M Book Deal with Tor BooksVictoria Schwab

Victoria (V.E.) Schwab, the best-selling writer behind the Shades of Magic trilogy, has inked a four-book deal with Tor Books banking in at $1 million.

In the exclusive report provided by Entertainment Weekly Monday (August 28), it was announced that Schwab’s next four works will extend through 2024—including a series named Threads of Power and another independent called Black Tabsand will be published by Tor.

The new series is going to take place in the same realm as the Shades of Magic series, which concluded with A Conjuring of Light (released February 2017). Black Tabs, on the other hand, will be an indie novel led by a female assassin in futuristic New York City.

“I am over the moon,” Schwab raved to EW. “Tor’s dedication has been unwavering, and, alongside my formidable editor, I can’t wait to introduce new leads, explore uncharted ground, and revisit old friends.”

Schwab burst onto the lit scene in 2013 with her breakout fantasy novel, Vicious, which draws on two college students turned enemies later on as they come to manipulate their new-found superhuman abilities. She has since become the author of over a dozen books, including The Near WitchThis Savage Song and its sequel Our Dark Duet, and many another young adult (published under “V.E. Schwab”) and adult fiction.

In accordance with the EW report, Schwab’s next novel will revisitVicious, with the follow-up sequelVengeful (due September 2018); and another stand-alone called, The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue, which Tor describes as “a story about a girl who makes a Faustian bargain to live forever, only to be forgotten by everyone she meets.”

Just recently, the American novelist took to her self-titled blog to reveal the nuts and bolts that went into revisiting the world of Shades of Magic with Threads of Power.

In her post “On Old Friends and New Beginnings,” she writes:

“CONJURING was the book where I was supposed to tie off all the threads. Closed the doors. Write the end.

And I did.

But I also took a chance.

As I wrote, I starting weaving in a few new threads. Not many. Just enough to catch the lock, keep the door from closing all the way.

By the time I finished Shades of Magic, I’d started Threads of Power. 

I knew I wanted to tell a new story, one that included the cast of Shades of Magic without focusing exclusively on them. I envisioned a set of three interconnecting books, each with its own protagonist—a tinkerer who can pull the threads of magic, a noble who has her birthright stolen, a con artist born with a lucky streak but no power—their lives intertwining against a backdrop where a prince has become king, a thief has become a pirate, and new dangers are beginning to threaten the three Londons. 

And here we are.”

Congratulations, V.E. Schwab!

How excited are you for Threads of Power, The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue and Black Tabs?!

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