Whips and Wedding Bells: Anastasia Becomes Mrs. Grey in ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Official Trailer

The final chapter begins Valentine's Day 2018.

Damn. Even though it was nearly three years ago that I first read E.L. James‘s Fifty Shades of Grey, it still has me feeling some type of way.

Like, I really hate this franchise so much and everything it stands for because it’s such bullshit. Call me a hypocrite, however, I’ve really developed some sort of unhealthy obsession with hate-watching every sneak peek or snippet release for anything Fifty Shades-related, and the latest trailer for Fifty Shades Freed, the third (and hopefully the last) installment to this women-abusive series, proved no exception.

Oh well. Let’s talk about it…

In a nutshell, the trailer shows us that Anastasia is, in fact, going to marry Christian Grey, the same man who impregnated her in the latest film, Fifty Shades Darker. As expected, there are plenty of cut scenes to the both of them getting all hot and frisky. But there’s intrigue, Jack (is that his name? I don’t even care) is back again and hopefully to end Christian’s life once and for all. Also, I don’t know who June the architect is or what importance she holds in the final storyline but my guess is she’s another road bump conquest from Christian’s past.

I’m not even motivated to talk about this shit anymore. I just came here to rant. My job is done.

Anyway, it’s all happening this Valentine’s Day.

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