You Guys, I Really Don’t See It for Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise

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We’re already two trailers into IT and I can confidently say it’s not going to be the goodie I hoped it would be (as I expected).

The first official teaser trailer for Warner Bros. Pictures newest rework of Stephen King‘s IT surfaced well over a month ago (March 29) and somehow its follow-up trailer, revealed last night, was even duller than the one before it. Which is unfortunate considering all the hype that King’s The Dark Tower has received, another of King’s works to be adapted for release this summer.

Update (7/27): Here’s the newest trailer for IT (which I still can’t take seriously, tbh)

While the first peek highlighted George’s unforgettable sewer scene (albeit censored), those ominous blood-filled balloons (albeit censored…) and many a closeup of Pennywise the Dancing Clown himself (albeit, yep you guessed it, censored), the 2017 adaptation is looking really lukewarm right now. There’s something about these clips that make it seem as though this new adaptation is a far reach from Tim Curry‘s constant eeriness in the 1990 original.

So far, the most obvious blunder I’m noticing happens to be the most crucial element to the entire film: Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise. Ever since it was decided in June 2016 that Skarsgard would take over the role since original frontrunner, Maze Runner actor Will Poulter, lost interest in the part, I could tell by the promo posters that this was not our Pennywise.

Like, WTF is this, really?

Warner Bros. Pictures

This is the original and there is literally no fucking comparison…

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Warner Bros. Television

Now look, I have nothing against Skarsgard but I do have a bone to pick with his acting. I probably would have no right to reserve such a harsh opinion had I not recognized him earlier from 2013’s Hemlock Grove. A friend of mind put me on to the Netflix series when we were both in college, and I wasn’t really interested in the whole vampire-werewolf concepts any more than I was when Twilight was a thing but she insisted and I was bored.

You guys, Skarsgard had some of the driest acting chops I’d ever watched since, well, Twilight. It was actually kind of sad that he reminded me so much of Robert Pattinson‘s Edward Cullen because they were virtually the same character: stale, emotionless vampires with no distinguishable character traits that would make them interesting otherwise. So when I heard the name Bill Skarsgard, it didn’t immediately click with me that this was the same guy I’d hate-watched in Hemlock Grove.

Though it might be too early to call it, I’m going out on a limb to say Skarsgard is going to suck major ass as Pennywise. I tried to give him a chance in the first trailer, purposely waiting for another just to see if something would change and I was mistaken. If we can all be honest with ourselves for a moment, even you can tell he doesn’t fit the part, especially in the way he handles Pennywise’s mannerisms in the first trailer as it compares to the second.

Here is the first official teaser trailer

For starters, what the fuck was that rabid running in the sewer scene (at 2:16) in the first trailer even about? Pennywise is an agile being, yes, but he certainly isn’t that animated…Not to mention, in the takes we do see Pennywise’s face more clearly, he looks more like a silly maniac in a clown getup than an actual harbinger of horror.

This second trailer is sadly no better, it’s like Hi, I’m Pennywise the Dancing Clown, and my greatest shock appeal is gazing at children like the pedophile I truly am. So far, I am not impressed. The next *real* trailer had better shed blood, give gore or something that shows King’s notorious villain in a more substantial scene and not of him hiding behind more bullshit balloon tricks.

Here’s the second trailer, anyway

What do you think of Skarsgard’s portrayal of Pennywise so far?

Does he truly suck or am I simply being an asshole? You decide and let me know in the comments below!
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